Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Moving on in May - Day One!

I need to get back into blogging (particularly now I am momentarily unemployed!), so I am taking up this challenge courtesy of the lovely Teacup Grunge:). So here we go with Day 1!

DAY ONE: Your current relationship....

Well, I have been seeing The Boy for nearly three months now - we met at the Silent Disco:) I am completely head over heels for him, and really, what's not to love - he's gorgeous, funny, smart and talented. I love that he is musical (a guitarist), and since we have been seeing each other I have gotten out and seen so many local gigs. And I do love watching him on stage - so sexy!

But....I still have no idea of what we are - or to use a term from the tv show Awkward, we need to DTR (define the relationship). I would love to be his girlfriend of course, I feel like I am, I am just too chicken to ask!

Anyways, he does make me really happy and I feel super lucky to have met him, particularly after some terrible relationships over the years (although you don't get to be 36 without your heart being somewhat battered and bruised).


  1. Love this idea! Although I don't know if I could be bothered to post something every day! lol

  2. If you need to know something, you need to ask. If he's right for you, he'll think nothing of it. Go on! x