Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bee real

Insomnia is back yet again. I gave in and took half a sleeping tablet at 1am, but it put paid to going to the gym first thing in the morning.

Not sure what to pack for the weekend in Melbourne, especially to wear to Lady Gaga on the Saturday night - it's hard figuring out an outfit that is comfy enough for standing at a concert but pretty enough to go out to bars afterward. I am also feeling burgh about myself - this week has been a real struggle both diet and exercise wise. I think it's the dreaded week 4 curse.

My regular breakfast looks better on my Anthropologie plates 
Anthropologie dress, Tony Bianco boots, Witchery necklace

Aldo ring

Love the print

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Parrot it back

It's nearly the weekend....and boy do I need it! Although I don't think a shopping weekend in Melbourne and a Lady Gaga concert are entirely restful.

I tried out the local pole studio last night, but I didn't enjoy it. No spinning poles! Why!

Zara blazer and jeans, H&M peplum top, Sportsgirl ring 

Diva earrings


Bun today - dead giveaway I have dirty hair:)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Go Go Boots

Struggling this week - didn't have a good result on the 12WBT weigh in today (up 200 grams). Apart from my big weekend blow out I have skipped a session yesterday. I have been feeling completely nauseous for the past two days - I nearly ran out of interviews we held for a new position on monday because I felt so ill. I was nearly unable to ask my questions for fear vomit rather than words would leave my mouth. Hopefully I start feeling better soon! Especially with a Melbourne weekend and Lady Gaga on the horizon.

Feeling a little 60s today

Zara dress, CR boots, Target card, Asos belt

New Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

Topshop ring

Oh hai new bag!

Jam drops I made for work morning tea

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pink and proud

My new baby arrived....I think it might be a girl! :)

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Green with Envy

Went home sick from work yesterday - no idea what is wrong but I don't have time to feel sick at the moment.

I did get a nice surprise in the mail - mum bought me this Cue top:) Always good to get surprise deliveries!

Sportsgirl pants, Aldo boots, Cue top, J Crew necklace

Stoopid pose

Topshop ring

Oh look! New glitter boots


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Black and white and red

So tired this morning, cannot believe it's Monday. I have interviews for a new position this morning - my first time ever on the other side of the desk. I feel nervous for some unknown reason - just feel like crawling back into bed.

New gloves

Portmans skirt, Zara jacket, Topshop shirt, Asos tie

The heater is always on

Hangover City

So...I had fun at the Ball on Friday night - except for the parts I can't remember where apparently I was a huge biatch. At least I got back to my hotel room in one piece, with the biggest king size hangover I have ever had. Won't be doing that again until at least 2013!

Pre going out

Table decorations

Trying not to vomit with my hangover.....Zara jeans & Boots, Topshop top

Hair still insane

I nearly hurled at the DFO and the brunch restaurant. Obviously at 35 I can no longer handle my alcohol

Loved the Crown Metropol

You would want to be close to whoever you were sharing with bathroom

Hangover shoe purchase - $30


Cleaned out my bathroom drawers

Still not totally drunk at this stage - Colette Dinnigan dress

Heavy on the eyeliner

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shine on Blues

Feeling ill this morning.....I blame the milo cake I baked for a co worker's birthday. I ate SOOOOO much condensed milk icing. Epic Michelle Bridges fail! I have learnt my lesson. No baking cakes even for a good cause. I feel so sick - I couldn't even finish my usual ricotta on toast, had to throw my second piece out and make a piece with vegemite instead. And no coffee! Urgh.

Plus, I dropped my camera and it randomly deleted photos. Weird.

Replacement Topshop ring for the one that is in a hotel room somewhere in Houston....I want my gold one back!

Zara jeans, H&M jacket, Zara Top, Topshop boots

Hair is kinda behaving

My ring rocks! Plus I love my Revlon Lip butter...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Naughty and sad

So I was really naughty on my shopping ban. I made the mistake of going on Net A Porter when I was feeling sad....and came away with a Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal bag.At least it was on sale...

Still trying to decide on my hairstyle for Friday night - probably the side pony. I am spanxing it up big time - if I meet a nice man I will totally have to make him wait for about half an hour while I wrestle my way out of it in the bathroom - no getting jiggy with it with that sucker on. And a nice stick on bra. How sexy. But I have at least had eyelash extensions and am getting my hair done on friday morning.

Felt a bit sad last night - our house in Wagga finally sold, settlement was yesterday. Although I instigated the break up, and definitely didn't want to stay, it was a bit sad. So I totally wallowed, played some sad tunes, and tried hard not to cry (because I had just had the eyelash extensions done and you are not meant to get them wet for 24 hours!)

Speaking of which - I got super cheap eyelash extensions done in Albury - Fashion Fingers has Tuesday specials - $50! Bargain.

Flower for your thoughts

12WBT is going well, down another .8 kg. Although I have the charity ball this weekend...not going to be following the plan that night I think!

Very over going to the gym after work - apart from all the hot guys there. I hate waiting to use equipment. If only it wasn't minus 3 degrees in the mornings!

I bought two of these J Crew skirts on sale for $40 - they warned me they stretch so I got the size 6 - but it's already stretching. That's some crazy sizing right there!

J Crew skirt, Zara jacket, Equipment blouse, FN necklace, Sportsgirl rings, CR boots

Wish I had a plain background!

New ring, so cheap

I have had these boots for a zillion years

Love this necklace

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pj Day

It felt like a pjs kinda I am wearing my new Zara pj pants (my last purchase in LA). Soooo comfy, they do crease a little but it's hard to tell with the print. I was seriously struggling yesterday - I had to carry many boxes up 5 floors because of all days to be broken, the lift had decided to give up the ghost. I managed to make it to the gym afterwards but put in a poor 40 minute showing.
There is a DJ at my gym on Monday nights. Weird. My workout was improved by the hot guy doing chin ups. Good thing us women can watch without being obvious about it:)

Getting my eyelashes done, hence no eye makeup. Trying a new place here in Albury that has a $50 Tuesday special. Hope I don't end up with my eyes glued shut.....

Zara pants, TB boots, Asos belt, Dotti peplum top, CO card, Asos cuff

So wide

Kitty bomb. My hair so needs colouring!


OPI Monsooner or Later. Love the India collection best