Monday, May 30, 2011

Greetings from BC

More random piccies from Vancouver...I have bought so much OPI polish - everywhere has it 2 bottles for $16.

The lounge part of my kickarse hotel room

Hippy cereal


Everything in there is pretty crap

New H&M shoes


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day Two...

Day two and I am exhausted. I caught the train out to Metrotown, the biggest mall...

Forever 21: flower tee, bird tank, floral dress, bird dress, booties, 2 x earrings, 2 x necklaces, ring. Zara: green top, pink skirt. Sephora: mac eye pencil, OPI khaki polish.

I wandered around for ages before I found Forever 21 - I was looking for the 'Forever' part, but they only have 21 in roman numerals in the window.

Love the khaki polish - looks great with brights. I know I have the Zara skirt already in orange but I wanted the pink as well (and I also want green but I should know where to stop!).

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day uno

Well, a quick update. I'm here in Canada, tired as all hell. I didn't sleep at all on the flight, and I have been trying to stay awake since 8am here. I have shopped up a mini storm, it's mid afternoon and I am ready to crash.

First purchases - Zara kimono and skirt, Philosophy aloha girl wash, H&M heels, Aldo rings and earrings, and Mac foundation, powder and concealer. Ouch!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Vancouver here I come!

So I am finally off to Vancouver today! Stay tuned for many purchases to come...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dead straight

There were no sugar free Red Bulls at the petrol station again this morning, which doesn't put me in the best frame of mind!

Add to that I have one day left before Canada, and I couldn't make my hair look like it did at the hairdressers. Why oh why do I have such dead straight hair? I can't be bothered curling it every morning.

Vintage 50s dress

I need a petticoat to put under this skirt.

That little wave on one side of my face on the underneath is the only curly bit of my hair - it's trying hard, but the rest of my hair is letting the team down

Part of my Dotti haul - 2 x loose shirts (so handy!), owl tank

Sparkly dress - cannot believe I bought this - where will I wear it!

I spent so much at Dotti yesterday - feeling guilty. But $160 for 1 x dress, 1 x jacket, 1 x jumper, 1 x loose tee, 2 x shirts, 1 x tank, 2 x kimono jackets isn't too bad.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Girls wanna be her...

My Joanie dress arrived from Pin Up Girl Clothing, and it is totally love;) The Boy is impressed too because I look like Joan from Mad Men. Win!

I need to figure out which jacket to take to Canada....decisions!

I also had my hair layered finally. Nothing dramatic though - next time I am going to get more layers put in. The ladies at Plush Hairdressing did a wonderful job:)

My hair looks so bouncy!

Joanie dress from PUG Clothing (needs ironing but I couldn't wait)

Vintage 70s dress, TB heels, FC belt

Hair not looking as nice as the hairdresser made it

This dress is a wee bit nightie-adjacent

More of a bed-hair look

Monday, May 23, 2011

Like a peasant in the fields...

I am finally getting my hair done tonight - so I couldn't be bothered today. I am wearing my kitty print headscarf from Zara - I thought it would save time on doing my hair, but it took me 20 minutes to get it on my head. Clearly I need practice. And my outfit today screams 'I don't care anymore'. We all have those days.

Looking like a peasant - Zara scarf, Steve Madden heels, River Island jeans, Witchery blazer, Asos shirt

Lovisa brooch

My feet look so far away

I love the kitty print.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Orange you glad I called?

Boring weekend..but that's fine with me. I did see Pirates 4 - which I quite enjoed, mainly for Johnny and for the super scary mermaids. If I was a kid I would have been terrified!

Briefly went out for pizza - The Boy is not a super photographer:)

Nudie jeans, TB thigh high boots, AA tank, ? leopard jacket from last year

I couldn't handle being all beige and black today so I had to put in some colour

Asos tunic, Asos tights, TB mary Janes, Asos skirt, Portmans belt

Another one of my pussybow blouses...

It poured with rain straight after

I couldn't resist the 10% off code plus the 30% off....bought this shirt from Asos

Only a few days til Vancouver. I have no idea what to pack! I did manage to drop off 4 pairs of shoes for re heeling and sole-ing this morning - $90 later.... At least it's cheaper (but less fun) than buying new shoes.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beyond the pale..

There were no picture updates because I worked from home yesterday...and track pants are not terribly photographic.
I did go and get a booster vaccine, which was so not fun. Sigh.

Witchery blazer, Zara star print top, CR skirt, Zu heels

I am so incredibly pale!

I love the mini stars;)

Ah, Zara. I am obsessed!

I also finally caved and bought the Joanie dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Like a big kitty

Leopard blazer. 'Nuff said. It was hard taking shots outside given that it was 0 degrees.

Zara blazer, Zara top, Nudie jeans, Asos boots, Dotti necklace

Smug smile. Check.

Upside down boots. Bargain Asos boots - about $35

Colourful like a rainbow. Leopard is a colour, right?

Samantha Wills snake ring

Monday, May 16, 2011

I slipped and fell into Zara...

I am back in Wagga...and it's bloody freezing. At least my frequent flyer card comes in handy for scraping ice off my windshield.

My friend flew over to Wagga from Adelaide, and I managed to get very messily drunk on wine with her. So much so that I was hard pressed not to be sick on our Saturday morning flight to Sydney. Do you know they don't have sick bags on domestic Qantas Link flights? It was certainly concerning me!

Isn't Sydney pretty!

The first of my Zara hauls...I went on to buy another skirt and top.

Who can resist a kitty print scarf!

Two different star print tops:) I also bought the straight orange skirt, another hot pink top, and a pair of boots from Dotti.

Cocktail man from Water bar - he is called the Rum God. Unofortunately he would not have fitted in our handbags...

Like rose scented bath foam

My new 50s glasses.

Zara top and blazer, Zu heels, Asos skirt, Sportsgirl beret

How could anyone resist the stars!! a flag.