Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dry July

June went out with what most people would term a bang. I was out friday and saturday nights - saturday managed to consume an entire bottle of vodka (whoops!). When I went back to get a drink at 4am I was all like 'who has been drinking my vodka, there's none left'. Ummmmm...that would be me.
It was an amazing night though - it's been a weekend full of bands, dancing, photography and quizzes.

Oh, and my bad eyes. I can't believe I am part of the 1% who develops photophobia after eye surgery. Oh well, at least it is curable!

The Rocketeers

The Girls Next Door

Trivia with Adam Hills

Vintage dress

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review - Lady V London

So I have about 8 Lady V London dresses now, and I adore them. In terms of the shopping experience, the website is easy to use, and they parcel arrives quickly. I have a mix of Day Dresses and Swing Dresses - I mostly prefer the swing dresses for the fuller skirts, although I don't have any petticoats to test that out.

The one issue I have is with the cap  sleeves - they cut in at the top of my shoulder. I need to get a slit cut to make movement easier. I tried sizing up to a 14 but it's too loose in the chestal region....I have a mix of 12s and 14s, and both have the sleeve issue, so maybe it is just me and my hulk arms!

They are wonderful for the price - two thumbs up!

Lady V Day Dress

Lady V Flamingo Swing dress

Lady V Day Dress

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spark(le) Up

A life that is not a bit sparkly is only half lived. Well in my book anyways....So today I have loaded up on the sparkly rings to brighten up my Monday. Of course, I spent half my day in an OH&S induction, which was jam packed with intense boredom. And one good-looking guy. I nearly cricked my neck trying to see if there was a wedding band (no).

In other news it is exam time at work, so I am putting together a whole heap of LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS, NO I DON'T NEED TO SEE YOUR CAMEL TOE pamphlets. Bloody students these days - what is wrong with PJs and ugg boots?

Witchery top, CO cardi, Asos skirt, AH pearls


Finn wants her photo taken

Bel is happy to pose

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kitties! Are! Back!

After a few weeks in my mother's garage while I was OS/had eye surgery, the Evil Twins are back. And they appear pleased to see me. I think they are just pleased to see food. They are so fat! It's time for a kitty diet methinks. Either that or a kitty treadmill.
I do love a fat cat though....

I need a bigger lap
Last day of work for the week, which means pj and wine night at my friend's house.....I sorely need it after this week. Tomorrow I am finally getting on board and seeing Gatsby with my mum, and venturing out into this weather to see some local bands (including the amazing Byzantines).

No time to delay - fashion selfies...

Topshop jacket and Witchery skirt

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Proud as a Peacock

I am cold and usual. New jobs are mentally exhausting! I managed to get the night wrong for a play I was going to, and found myself wandering around the Festival Theatre at night.....


Asos Dress

Mimco Ring

Sunset at Flinders Uni

Dorothy Perkins Skirt, Zac Posen for Target Shirt

Oh god why is Australia being punished!!!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Roaring Twenties

My friend had her murder mystery party on the weekend - it was a whole lot of fun. It was set in the twenties (my character was a nightclub singer). Sadly I was not the murderer....I did drink a whole lot of wine though! :)

Topshop dress

Back at work - Zara shirt, CO cardi, Dinnigan pants

New Review dress courtesy of my lovely mother:)

Modcloth necklace

But where is the button??

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Friday, June 14, 2013

High on a Hill

First week on the job and I am exhausted. I feel terrible that I have only managed 2 days of exercise out of 5. I am sitting here at 7pm on a Friday thinking about how I should go to the gym....

In other news I managed to fall UP the stairs in front of my new boss. Embarrassed doesn't cover it.
 Only I would do something like that.

Saturday night outfit - Fate top, Witchery skirt

Drinks sunday night, H&M skirt, Dotti shirt

Preparing my lunch box for my first day...

Portmaans skirt, Forever New shirt

Visiting mum in the hospital after her surgery....not sure why this was in the lift.

Zara dress

Cue top, Asos skirt

Rainbows at work

Staff development courses....

LE dress, AH cardi

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