Thursday, March 29, 2012


Friday, oh thank god you are here! I honestly couldn't have gone another day....
Meeting the real estate agent after work today to put the house on the market, it's likely to be an unpleasant and tense evening.

Worked my arms only in my PT session this morning - can barely type now! I have been wearing my new polar heart rate monitor - the ebay seller was great, next day delivery 9and to Wagga!). Disappointed by the scant amount of calories my weight sessions burn - only approx 300 for the entire hour (with 10 mins of cardio). Blurgh. But my muscles are great.

Fin just hanging out on the piles of stuff in the study

This was a Karen Walker dress that didn't fit right around the thighs so I had it chopped into a top

KW Top, Zara jeans, Wittner heels, Diva necklace

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Down in the depths

Urgh. That's all I can say this morning. Some wine and pizza last night means yet again I feel a little delicate.

Zara dress, CO card, CR boots

Feeling a little Jetsons

Hungover...Zara jeans, Dorothy Perkins Blazre, Nude shoes, Portmans top, Lovisa necklace

Mostly asleep

Only just over two weeks til my holiday and then my move. It's a big few weeks!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As some of you may have guessed (if you read this!), my partner and I separated a couple of months ago. It's been a fairly rough time lately, and we will be sadly putting the house on the market and hoping for a quick sale.

And I am moving to Albury to work from our campus there - a fresh start for a new life. I have just been approved for a cute rental there (yay!) - only a few blocks from the main street, a cute little weatherboard place with three bedrooms and a new kitchen and bathroom.

Although I shouldn't spend anything due to tight funds til the house is sold, I did buy myself a polar heart rate monitor

Zara jacket, Asos pants, Tony Bianco wedges, Dotti shirt, Topshop collar, Samantha Wills ring

My weight didn't budge this week - gained 100 grams. Not going to worry about it too much - just under three weeks til I go OS, and I have 1.8 to lose. I have to work hard! After tonight's work dinner of course:)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Old and new

Having one of those days today....woke up with a sore throat, feeling bloated. Weigh in day tomorrow and I think it's going to be my first disappointing result too. Managed half an hour this morning at the gym - just couldn't face it. My whole body hurts from my sessions on the weekend, and with a sore throat I am finding it hard to push past it. I wish I could stay home and have a sick day but I just have stuff on at work every day, so it's just not possible.

Yesterday's outfit - Anthropologie dress

Today's outfit - Tokito dress (weird - this is a size 14, yet everywhere else I am fitting a 10 - must be small size!), Tony Bianco mary janes

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Up and down

Best way to spend a Saturday morning - communing with Fin and Bel

I always check wind speeds

Flowers from my boss for my graduation

Free Coke Zero from the service station because they ordered too many

Lotto tickets from the quiz night friday night

Working from the staff room at the Albury campus today - great view

Dress pattern

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Way down to Kokomo

It's my graduation this afternoon - not an official one because our class finished in Feb, and grads are December here. But we do dinner, and have a mini ceremony.

Gorman dress ($82.50 on sale - loved this ever since I saw it on Domestic Divinity), Zu heels, Asos belt, no name brand cardi

12WBT update: Had to weigh in a day late because of the Sydney trip (couldn't fit scales into my carryon!). Lost another 400grams, taking me down to 65.7 - 1.7 kilos to go! I was a bit worried due to my Melbourne weekend with wine and eating out, but I am pleased. Only a few scant weeks til my holiday, so I am on track.
I am finding myself tired a lot, but that is probably due to stress rather than the program.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Secret agent

Back from Sydney and albury and horrendously tired. Not coping. Trying to motivate myself for the gym with coffee, I have to go as my day off is tomorrow (I have my grad dinner instead).

Secret agent in my Zara trench

Not so secret bright Asos bag

Hotel room -park8 hotel

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Revisiting the classics

Bellabox this month! The Pure Fiji body lotion is fab, so is the eye balm and lip tint. Will have to do a weekend hair treatment too:)

Old faithful - my fave vintage dress, Zara blazer, Zara boots, Topshop ring

Off to Sydney tonight for work - no cashola to go shopping though:( But I get to have a nice dinner with a colleague, and then I fly to Albury in the morning, then drive back to Wagga in the afternoon for my performance rest for the wicked! Hope the kitties are alright - they have a ton of food, but I am sure they will get up to mischief.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I have a ball in June to go to....and now I have a Colette Dinnegan dress. 80% off......whoops!

Love the back....

I need to get it taken up about ten yards. Either that or remain still all night.

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French kiss

Having had a lovely weekend in Melbourne, it has been a hard slog getting back into the grindstone this morning. Especially after ten hours of driving....

Luckily Fin is on hand to look disapproving....

Her eyes are burning my soul:)

12WBT update: I had a day and a half off and I now feel bloated and horrible. Amazing how sometimes it feels like a couple of days of indulgence takes you right back to the beginning. I was quite proud though - no dessert or chocolate, just 3 glasses of wine and one cocktail on friday, and the same on saturday. Plus a delicious Nepalese dinner, and some lunchtime dumplings.

The bonus is that I am actually now fitting into size 10 dresses! (not pants though - my arse is too big for that yet).

My biceps are improving...

New dress from the Gorman sale - $82. It was bedlam in there with 75% off everything

Also: Siren heels, Samantha Wills ring

French words

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Om nom nom

Bel has taken it upon herself to gnaw away at the boxes in the study...I caught her in action last night.

Om nom nom....mmmm cardboard

The news is that I will be moving to Albury in the near future. So I am currently going through my stuff and trying to whittle down what I own. I have a few thousand books, so I am trying to cull that by at least half. Add to that all the stuff in boxes that I haven't touched in a couple of years - do I really need this stuff? I do find it hard to let go of sentimental things, but I think now is the time!

New Hi There Karen Walker dress, love this, it's so 40s:) Witchery blazer, Lipstik wedges

Had to put my fake boobs bra on to fill out the top though... :0

Pretty birdies! Dress also comes in cobalt blue - it was a hard choice