Thursday, January 23, 2014

Australia Zoo, NYE, XMas Etc.. Let's Catch Up!

I have been absent from blogging for a while, I tend to just find it easier to instagram and facebook these days. It's super busy at the moment - BDO, SoundWave, Futures + 10 Fringe Festival shows already on the cards in the coming weeks.
Also, I am marching in the Fringe Parada again this year for burlesque - Jessica Rabbit this time.

Over the next 5 months I have 3 international holidays booked: a two week trip to the USA with my friend Kato (LA, Vegas, Kentucky and San Fran), then an Easter break with The Boy in Penang (which is a surprise - he doesn't know the location), then a week with mum in HK in May. Phew! So I am not doing any study in the first semester, and loading it all in the second.

Add to that more tattoo work - so tired of the pain and the healing! Plus new albino snake babies arrive this weekend.

Let's look at what I have been up to!

Kitty loves the box my uke came in

Xmas cake at a lunch I went to

Xmas kitty

Present from the Boy

Went shooting for the first time - got a casing down my cleavage which burnt me!

Went to Cleeland

Drove to Brissie and back in 5 days (4 days of solo driving - URGH!)

Went to Australia Zoo

Starting eating red meat again - enjoyed many chikos after 17 years of vego and 2 years of adding in chicken and fish

NYE dressup - Decades of Decadence

Me and the Boy

Found my old school game

The Irwins

Dressed in Limb Vanity Project dresses

Added a santa to my collection

Cats love boxes

Survived the heatwave (47!)

Went to a German Festival

New Pin up Girl dress for xmas

Fetish print

Saw Anchorman two (average) but got kick arse straws

Had retro sodas

Got my brand new sports car!!!!

Koala in distress at work during the heatwave

Magpies in distress need water too

Got creative with the borrowed aircon

Got cuteness for my bday!

Birthday Crush winery festival tour - croquet!

Won best dressed at the 50s event

Got some sun

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