Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Like A Tiger

Easter weekend is nigh. Sadly I received an extension on my annual plans, and now they are due next Friday. So guess what I will be doing all weekend... :( TOTAL SAD FACE.

I swear if I don't have some fun soon I will explode.

Casual day - Warehouse top and Zara jeans

Elvis boots time! I have missed these...

River island parka

Back of this rocks. It's a tiger!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

They Call Him Bruce

So Sunday, after spending the vast majority of the weekend doing the Reports, I flew with my mum to Melbourne to see The Boss (Springsteen of course). I got to Melbourne at midday but had to spend all afternoon sequestered in the hotel room (mystery hotel - The Hyatt), doing the Reports.

Then the concert - seriously one of the best I have been to. He played for over three hours, crowd surfed, and generally had the best crowd interaction I have ever seen. Plus - Tom Morello on guitar! Boy was I excited about that.

The next morning = not so great, had to fly on the red eye so I could get to work. And of course Jetstar were mega delyaed - sat on the tarmac for an hour with no explanations or updates. Stress levels = insane!! Had to run through Adelaide airport to get to work on time.

Plus I went with the Boy to see Taj Mahal at the Gov last night. Needless to say it is head down til Thursday night when the reports and plans are done....

And in other news - bought a ukelele. Now I just have to start learning it:)

Flying to Melbourne - Zara dress

Terrible hamburger at Kato's birthday - just ate the chicken.

The Boss stage diving

Penguin playing bagpipes

Collection is getting out of control

Gig at the Gov - Bluejuice bustier, Forever New skirt

My Uke!

Zara kimono, Portmans dress

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On and on and on

No massive news to report - I started this blog post and then got caught up in work and didn't get it done!

Client meetings - Leona dress and AH cardi

Regretted these shoes after I had to stand all night at the event

Working on the mid year report on Saturday

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back to Blah

I am back in the office, jet lagged like crazy after 26 hours in transit back from Penang (thanks Air Asia!). Plus a mountain of work, I feel like I am going insane...

I will eventually post some more pics of the resort, but in the meantime, here are my instagram pics from the trip, ignore my general sweatiness and puffiness. Will have to lose the couple of kilos I gained while away. Will also be on a spending ban until september to try to recover financially!

View from Traders in KL

Banana leaf

Food tour in KL

Upgraded room at Shangrila Rasa in Penang

Private pool for Rasa wing

Didn't go swimming much I have to admit

Free cocktail hour at the Shangrila

Awesome shower - there was actually another shower head on the other side. You could throw a party in here!

View from our balcony at the E&O in Georgetown

Korean bbq fail - I didn't know how long to cook the meat

Sunscreen for rangas - still got burnt


Rikshaw in Georgetown

Mosque at dusk

Last moments of freedom

Work outfit today - new Topshop shirt

Sunburn - looks like kneepads

New ring (Topshop) plus shellac manicure.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Georgetown and Beyond

Apologies for the photo heavy post - I am on my last day here in Georgetown, Penang. This is the first of my Malaysia trip posts, so avoid if you aren't into travel stuff!

Testing out my new Nikon D7000 - managed to buy a new lense here as well:)

Fishing in the morning viewed from the balcony

Cheong Fatt Tze

Jimmy Choo

Street art

Thong Worship?