Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 10 - Your First Love and Your First Kiss

Nearly missed the deadline today - it's been frantic. I had to get the written piece for my interview in today, and another application. Plus I booked my impromptu trip to Cambodai - leaving on the 19th, back on the 26th May. I can't believe how cheap the Vietnam Air flights were. Ridiculous. So far I have booked into the Golden Temple Villa in Siem Reap for three nights - it is so weird just paying $19 a night for a hotel! I am undecided whether to bother going to Phnomh Penh for the remaining two nights or not. Can't decide! So much to see in Siem reap - I want to do the quad bike tour, and I found a photography tour of Angkor Wat which would suit me as I need to learn about my camera...decisions!

Anyway, onto the topic.

My first kiss was actually in a high school play - we did a production of Cosi in year 11. I played the crazy character of Cherry, and I had to grab and kiss the director Lewis. Who as I later found out (in real life) is gay:) Of course during the performance a lovely school kid screamed out 'stick the tongue in' which nearly made me choke.

And my first love? I'm not counting Christian slater:) Or even my first boyfriend cause that was infatuation, as was the second.
The first one that was true love broke my heart into a million pieces three days into an 8 week trip to the UK. Never saw it coming.

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