Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flowers in her hair..

Asos from head to (nearly) toe. I think I actually bought this whole outfit online (ah, the wonders of the internet)...

Pleated skirt and cream bow blouse: Asos, TB: leopard heels, Red belt: French Connection

Makes we want to twirl!

Very happy with this blouse:)

Leopard AND hairy!

The animal in me...

I am off to Melbourne this weekend to spend some time with my and cocktails ahoy! I am the worst packer though - take a sneak peak into my suitcase...

Nice socks:)

New asos midi skirt - very happy with it (bonus - it doesn't crinkle!)

Plus zara top

Gee my face is shiny!

So glad I tracked this top down

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fresh as a Spring day

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working from home...I get so much more work done when I am at home. Strangely enough, less distractions. So no outfit post yesterday, although I was wearing my new tshirt...

Love this

Someone is doing their best to distract me. Poor 16 year old 3 legged kitty!

Today I am wearing my new vintage 40s dress with my witchery blazer and TB heels - feels very Spring

Purple rocks

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coloured up

Back in the office...feels more than a little weird! So I threw on my new Spotted Moth top to brighten up my day.
I need to buy more coloured items. I tend to gravitate towards black, and I am generally crap at mixing colours. I accidentally did today - in the darkness of my bedroom I mistook the pink in the blouse for red, so I added red shoes.

Love this blouse - so bright and flowy

Gee my thighs are lumpy! Lol:)
Spotted Moth blouse, Portmans skirt, Zara Blazer

Whoops! Red TB Joss heels

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Country Charm

A better view of Friday's outfit. People must think I am really strange when I get excited about full length mirrors in public bathrooms;)
The socks and heels got a rather critical reception at the Regional Careers presentation I gave...there sure were a lot of akubras in the room.

So I turned on the country charm for the movies last night. Which was the most unintentionally hilarious movie I have ever seen (Battle of Los Angeles). This movie would only be tolerable after about 3 glasses of red wine (and sadly I had only had 1).

River Island Jeans, Topshop shirt and singlet, TB heels

What a mess behind me!

Love these studded heels

Have to get the cleaning done today, although I am so sore from the gym that I can barely sit up in bed.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fashion forward

Finally home! Off to Albury today, but it's only a day trip. I have been given the most ridonculous car for the journey - a massive Prado 4WD....for just me. It's like driving a yacht.

And of course today I am debuting socks and heels to the wilds of Wagga. I am sure my fellow staff members will get a good chuckle out of it.

Yesterday in Bathurst
General pants maxi skirt, Dotti top, dotti necklace, Samantha Wills ring

Tried something different with my hair - didn't quite work out!

Trying to belt more things

Ta dah! Socks with heels (vintage dress, asos cardi, TB heels)

Can't wait for the peals of laughter to ring out in the boardroom today:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boring in Bathurst

Ah Bathurst....Yet again I am sitting here in a hotel room by myself eating dry cereal as an exciting snack and watching tv on the laptop. Can life get any better than this? :)

Got a lot of stares at the Sydney airport yesterday - I am going to assume it was because of the leopard print hat, not because I had a severe case of plumbers crack. I did have to take off the hat through security though - great for revealing that oh so sexy hat hair.

Bardot hat, Supre Singlet, Nudie Jeans, TB boots


Uninspired work outfit - Primark blouse, vintage necklace, ZP for target skirt

Little more professional with ZP for target blazer (wish I had bought two of these - best purchase ever)

Couldn't get a good shot of my new Lovisa owl brooch!

Monday, March 21, 2011

High like the birds...

As always, I dressed without any attention to the weather for the conference yesterday. And of course, being Brisbane it was humid. But I was dying to wear my swallow top and this seemed like a great opportunity.

Warehouse swallow top
Asos pleated skirt

Finally! The hotel room offered a convenient location to play with the self timer on my camera....clearly this was making me sleepy;)

And shoeless like a hobo;) Glad I finally wore this skirt - I was worried it would make me too 'hippy' because of the pleats and my essential pear shapedness.

Still debating over whether to cut my hair in some layers and lose a couple of inches. It's looking a wee bit raggedy.

Back to Brissie!

I have not been in Brisbane since Expo '88....which clearly is a long time between drinks! It's changed somewhat (although the only thing I remember from last time is the NZ pavilion with the vibrating sheep).

The view from my hotel is pretty nice, although it feels slightly wasted on me (considering I am here for work alone). I didn't even go out and see the touristy sites. I chose instead Duh!


My shopping haul - naughty
Maxi skirt - General Pants
Leopard hat - Bardot
Assorted pretties - Lovisa, Sportsgirl, Forever New

I am excited by Lovisa - never been in one before, may have discovered my new kryptonite.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Asos is evil

Sitting here in a hotel room in Brisbane, with Asos calling....

I am still waiting on this blouse that I bought with the last many pussybow blouses does one person need (answer - many, oh so many)

And of course the 20% off code proved too much for little ole me!

Dragonfly scarf - how could I resist the dragonflies!

Midi skirt - hope this looks flattering on

Hopefully when I get back home on Thursday night there will be some parcels waiting for me;) Shopping ban has to come soon I fear.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Best Boyfriend....goes to The Boy

After being upset yesterday morning - came home to find something on my pillow...

The leather jacket I had been eyeing off in Just Jeans. Love it! The Boy is The Best. :)

Like a Tiger...

As you know by now, I can never resist the lure of leopard print anything. And guess what lured me into Supre yesterday...I came out with a leopard cape thingy, cute metallic cat print singlet, and tiger print top for $70. Bargain.


Goes well with big bronze ringage

Stockings everywhere

Is it just me, or are tights and stockings the hardest things to store? They are literally exploding from their drawer at the moment.
Every year heading into Winter I always clean out my tights, and throw out those with holes (well, if the holes are in places that can be seen!). But it's so hard to find them in the drawer.
I just did a big order of tights from Asos and We Love I need to clean out the drawer again (I am convinced I can pull off coloured tights). But how to store them! Especially when there are so many patterned black tights and pantyhose...
Also - I am such a terror for putting massive holes in pantyhose. I buy these beautiful love heart seamed ones, wear them once, then on the second wear - hey presto. Massive hole. Sigh.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stress and drama

I don't know about everyone else, but these past two weeks have been nothing but stress and drama. I feel particularly bad too for our japanese delegation that visited last thursday - I hope everyone back at home in their families are safe.

This morning had a big stress attack with work and money issues - let it all out at the Boy (poor thing). In true man style he tried to fix things. Men just don't understand that sometimes we just want someone to listen!

I baked him a Banofee pie to apologise...

Wednesday outfit: vintage dress and pin

I really should have brushed my hair better

Love the pockets

No brand dress from Malaysia ($20 bargain)

It's so swishy!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fab Forties

It's finally getting chilly here in Wagga....thank god. I can get back to wearing stockings and boots. Which means I really need to buy more stockings and boots!

Couldn't resist buying this cute blouse from Spotted Moth

Vintage 40s dress (it's navy)

Love the lacey detailing

Goes nicely with my TB heels. Now I just need to find a nice long sleeved red cardi and a red belt.

Really struggling at work this week with motivation again. My emails are out of control, as is my to do list (70 items is too many). Can't shake that feeling that I need a vacation!