Sunday, September 30, 2012

Photo a Day challenge....

I too am undertaking the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge for October. Hopefully I can keep on track with it despite the craziness going on in my life right now....
Here are the deets!

The Prompts

1. Where you stood: Take a photo of where you’re standing.
2. Lunchtime: Take a photo of your lunch, or around you at lunchtime.
3. This happened today: What’s something that happened today? Shoot it and share it.
4. What you read: Did you read a sign? Are you reading a book? A blog? Shoot and share.
5. Shadow: Take a photo of your shadow or any shadow.
6. I’m thankful for…: What are you thankful for today? It can be simple or BIG. Share it.
7. Light: You can shoot sunflare, a streetlight, light from the sun… any kind of light.
8. Angle: Look at angles in buildings, structures, books, anything. Find an angle and take a photo.
9. Red: Take a photo of something red.
10. Emotion: Happy. Sad. Angry. Overjoyed and so on and so forth. Be creative.
11. Something close-up: These photos might be a little mysterious. Take a photo of something really close-up.
12. On the table: Last month we did table, but this month let’s do ON the table. What’s on your table?
13. Landscape: Take a photo of the skyline, a landscape you see.
14. Makes you laugh: What’s something funny that makes you laugh. Share it.
15. Dinnertime: Just like lunchtime, only later. Take a picture of what dinnertime is like on this day for you.
16. Something you wrote: Take a photo of something you wrote or drew.
17. Fruit: Take a photo of a piece of fruit, or a few.
18. Made you smile today: What made you smile today? Find it. Shoot it. Share it.
19. Letters: Take a photo of letters. They might make up a poster, or something bigger. Or even be mail?
20. 4 o’clock: Take a photo a 4am or 4pm – whatever you’re doing at that time.
21. Calm: Take a photo of something that makes you feel calm, or represents calm.
22. In your town: Take a photo of something from where you live. It might be a building, people, park or something else.
23. The view from here: Take a photo of your view from where you are. It might be your office, your home, traveling. The everyday can sometimes be very interesting.
24. Weather: Take a photo of the weather today. Let’s travel around the world with everyone’s weather photos.
25. People: It might be people you know or people you don’t. Take a photo of people.
26. Listening to: What are you listening to? Music? Children laughing? Share it.
27. Morning: Take a photo of your morning.
28. Looking back: Take a photo of something from your past, or from just behind you. Look back and take a photo.
29. Moon: The moon is just about full tonight. Take a photo.
30. Clothes: Take a photo of clothes. Perhaps what you’re wearing, or in your wardrobe, on a mannequin or otherwise.
31. Whatever you please: Are you celebrating Halloween tonight? Perhaps take a photo of that. Today is free choice – take a photo of ANYTHING you like.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bored and Boreder

Finally on my way home from Bathurst. I have a five hour layover in Sydney, so I might have to do a little sidetrip into town to visit Zara...just visiting of course:)

LE dress, Lovisa necklace

Bathurst Airport - busy

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nearly Gone

I actually forgot where I as this afternoon....I was that tired after my 4:30am start. And then a massive magpie whopped into the back of my head. Awwww my first magpie swooping. How exciting....not!
Did a short half hour gym session this afternoon.....I already walked more than an hour back and forth today and I have to say exhaustion has hit.
Have to get my conference presentation done ASAP......argh!

stuff for trip to Bathurst...

F New  skirt, jewellery, AA tank

Lorna Jane exercise gear

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Neon Nights

I am seriously stressed! Conference presentation is next week, and I just realised I am not back in the office before the melbourne trip because I fly to Bathurst tomorrow morning at 6:30am.

Also - these yellow items actually glow in the dark. Discovered this in a video conference. It was like a rave:)

Portmans leather skirt, AA tank, CO cardi, Topshop slippers, F New bangle and necklace 

Monday, September 24, 2012

It's a wrap

So yesterday....I forgot to wear a bra. And had to go home to put one on (actually changed into my gym clothes instead). How does one forget to wear a bra??? No idea. Clearly my mind is elsewhere.
Like with my new iPhone! 4 hours to update, but now it works;)

Lorna Jane pants, Asics shoes....chilling in my gym clothes like a boss. 
Leona Edmiston frock and tights, Tony Bianco boots, Zara blazer

Obligatory gun shot - my arm looks like marble it's so white!

Yes, today I am wearing a bra

Red lips

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Emmys! Love those gowns...

I love a good gown show - who cares about the awards! Some of my faves thus far...

Newly lensed

On the good news side of things my second hand replacement camera arrived from Ebay - and it is a super bargain for $78! Clearly they took better care with theirs than I did with mine;)

 On the bad news front, despite killing myself with exercise and eating well...I gained a kilo. Not sure why this is happening, my muscles are dying at the moment with all the cross fit and boxing.

Old pic off my memory card - like what my hair is doing here

Bel looks shocked by new camera

Topshop blouse, Asos tie, Dinnigan pants
Zara heels

Hair looks like a spider web

Fin is unimpressed by proceedings

Saturday cross fit had us doing tyre flips...while watched by 100s of bikers. I think they were rating us

Saturday night - Fin approves of movie choice

Rope burns - who knew climbing ropes was so damn hard?

Sunday bike ride

Annual car wash

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Depths of Kitties

Thank god it's Friday of course! It's been one of those weeks. Broken camera, speeding fine, injuries galore, tiredness, grumpiness, hurt feelings, etc. And no matter how much I would love to drink a boat load of wine, I am going to refrain. Maybe. I say this now, but see what happens come Saturday night and I am sitting at home in Albury alone.

Because there have been so many pictures of Fin on this blog, here is a rare one of Bel
New Witchery bargain top, Zara kimono jacket, Sportsgirl robo finger ring

I am actually wearing a skirt. It just blends in. Promise!

Clashing prints

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting Reddy

I slipped up big time today. Let's just say I ate a whole packet of snakes and leave it at that.I am so bad at self control when it comes to a big ole bowl of lollies. And I was doing so well with Cross Fit! Hopefully I sweat enough at Hot Yoga tonight to counteract the lollie issue.

If you look closely you can see my multitude of freckles...

Love this Alannah Hill Cardi

Dorothy Perkins dress, Lipstik wedges

My new Hybrid dress from Asos - so tight I can't breathe

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Arrrrr me hearties!

Welcome to a close up of my boobs on this fine morning. There isn't a stain on my top, it just did weird things with the camera.Speaking of cameras - mine broke yesterday:( So I bought a second hand version of it on ebay for $78. Score! But then I got a speeding fine in the mail:( boo!

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Hair is cooperating today - Zara blazer, threadless tee

Yesterday - Asos jumper and skirt, Marc Jacobs bag

Zara parka in hand

Old portmans pinny

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