Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tea and Sympathy

My poor kitty is sick again - which has meant another trip to the vet for her. I feel very sad right now - I know she is old, but she has been my child since I moved out of home. Although I have to think that 16 years is a pretty good innings.

In other news, I am back from Bathurst - had a lovely hotel room there for once, on the racetrack. Did a bi of a lap in my work car (at 60 of course).

View from the balcony

It is a little pretty

I wish I had been wearing this when I met the new VC. I was unfortunately wearing jeans and studded boots. Whoops!

Asos skirt, Asos boots, Zara top, ZP blazer

Asos skirt, Target cardi, FC belt, Dotti shirt

I look concerned.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bathurst Bound

And yet again I am hitting the road to Bathurst for a few days. I am so over packing at the moment - I just threw random things in my suitcase so I could end up dressed like a crazy bag lady for the next couple of days.

I had a frustrating time tryingt o set up my new mac - I didn't have a firewire cable, my internet wasn't working, so I have spent all night trying to make a back up of the old one so I could transfer to the new.

She is a beauty

Dodgy iphone photo - was in a hurry with the packing!

Dotti jumper, Dotti stripe shirt, nudie jeans, TB studded boots

Lovisa necklace

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Winter of my (dis)content

I am back from my weekend on the coast - a lovely night spent in Sydney with The Boy and his friends, going out for African food and wine, followed by the drive down the coast for lunch in Wollongong.

And now I am back at my desk - I hate this weekend relationship thing - it's so hard with him living on the coast and me back here in Wagga. Blurgh. I can't imagine living in Wollongong - decent shopping, but it seems to be very 'beachy', which is really not my thing. But then again, you never know til you live somewhere!

Zara jacket and blouse, ZP for Target skirt, Asos boots

It's too cold for skirts - I have to go and buy myself some woolen tights.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One foggy morning...

And off to Sydney I go! At least if this extreme Wagga fog ever lets up. Tonight we are going out for an African dinner in Sydney, then driving down to Wollongong tomorrow morning with The Boy, so I can see his new digs. I think he wants to convince me that moving to Wollongong would be great:) lol.

Forever 21 dress, Asos belt, Asos boots, Cotton on Cardi

You can hide a multitude of sins under an empire waist

I adore the print

I slipped.....and bought this XL Zara clutch from their UK store - it was on sale for $60. I have wanted it ever since I saw it in Sydney for $199. Bargain. So I have to sell a couple of items on Ebay to compensate.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Smells like Teen Spirit

I am a child of the 90s - I graduated high school in '94, and I lived through the awful fashion the first time...bodysuits, slip dresses with tshirts, spicegirl platforms, bodyshirts with maxi skirts, and my favourite tiaras and slutty glitter dresses (thanks to Courtney Love). I was also goth/raver/punk/whatever.

Here are a couple of images from the late 90s;) No judgement!

Glitter dress, tiara, armband and glitter pen writing on my chest, skunk stripey hair...oh, and sparkly kitty collar from Dangerfield.

Ah, my old Dangerfield lace pantsuit...

I like to think I have grown past the goth grunge stage...but my new boots have made me rethink it;) So I dug out the crosses....

Dotti jumper, General Pants lace maxiskirt, TB studded boots, random glitter crosses, Lovisa cross ring


Nice contrast with my glitter heels

My cross ring fits in nicely

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Asos sale - I managed to work this into my food budget cash
And a random banana brooch:)

Feeling less than inspired's grey outside, almost snowing here in Wagga. I just want to crawl back into bed. I stayed up to watch Go Back Where You Came From last night - riveting viewing. I will be watching again tonight (I know, 9:30pm doesn't sound late but it is for me!).

My hair needs a severe brushing

Review jacket, Dotti Shirt, Vintage necklace, Nudie skinnies, TB booties

My new shoes arrived - studded boots (TB)

Grey booties (TB)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Clash of the colours

Look at the beautiful new member of my Mac family that is winging its way to me;) My old Macbook Pro was starting to do weird things like suddenly go blank, and refuse to back up, so I decided in the interests of my sanity it was time to get a new one, since I work from home a fair bit.

Hello lover!

Clashing a bit this morning - it's such an awful day outside.

River Island skirt, Zara top, Vintage necklace, Sportsgirl ring, Dotti boots

What a poser

My new glasses broke so I am stuck wearing my old ones

Dotti boots - love them

Moody morning shot

Thursday, June 16, 2011


One last purchase yesterday. I am now on Day 1 of my shopping ban. Which makes me want to buy things;) Including Motley Crue tickets....except no one wants to go with me! Who doesn't want to see Bret Michaels live. All my youthful Poison fantasies!

But The Boy drives up for the weekend from the coast which I am excited about.

River Island Lily skirt

Channelling a sort of Flashdance/Mad Max outfit

Wayne Cooper skirt, Sportsgirl studded tights, Asos boots, Theory jumper, Dotti and Lovisa necklaces

Strange expression...I haz it

I bet these all fall off by the end of the day

How very Flashdance

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shopping ban

From now for two months I have to be on a shopping ban. Too much purchased in the US/Canada and online, and the financial planner will smack me if I don't restrain myself.

Plus I want an ipad, and if I don't shop for a few months I might just be able to afford one. If I stick to 2 minute noodles... worth it? ;)

I will have to enjoy the purchases already on their way to me....

The rule is that I can purchase something while on the ban ONLY if I can work it into my weekly food budget. So if I am travelling for work and getting paid for meals, then I can possibly buy something. Or if I sell something on ebay - I can use the cash gained. Otherwise...nada! Must stay away from asos then...(I'm not counting purchase of things like tights - anything that I buy while in the grocery store).

Tony Bianco studded boots

Asos clutch

Tony Bianco grey booties

Dotti knit

Dotti breton top

Dotti soft rose shirt (I have this now in black, khaki, rose and white)

Dotti crop jumper

River island leopard skirt - I searched high and low for months after I missed this on Asos

No place for a mouse...

For some reason Blogger doesn't like the full length shot of this outfit;) Must be offended by the chiffon skirt.

Supre maxi skirt, Dotti Boots, Dotti shirt, FC belt, Forever 21 necklace

Aldo peacock ring

My first attempt at the Carrie bun....bit dodgy but not bad