Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Long Time No Blog

I have been a little awol...I have an exam in two weeks, two burlesque performances, and I have been cheating on blogger with tumblr (which is so much easier but less exciting to read).

So here are some random pictures of what I have been getting up to...

Cheese from Cheesefest

Too cold fridge at work

Random roses on my desk

Ate so many lollies to get these terrible tattoos

Won an adult product basket at a quiz night

Wore a hat for melbourne cup

Bought some dodgy books

Went on my first Chopper style bike ride

Had my face painted for free on Day of the Dead

Saw 5ive (4four)
There were two nuns at the bad taste Halloween party

Did some (bad) karaoke

Nun costume was so uncomfy

Got us some chip n dip hats

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