Tuesday, October 30, 2012


And yet again I am the only one who bothered to get in the spirit of today....the cheese stands alone clearly!

Bat out of hell

Lovisa necklace

Like a demented schoolgirl

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Tricksy Rabbit

Sooo the news is in. I got the job! I am moving back to Adelaide in a few short weeks to take up the position in the beginning of December. Couldn't be more thrilled!
....except for the whole moving house/state/finding somewhere to live for me and the kitties thing. Oh yeah. That.

Meanwhile I have been playing with the kitties with the 'Call a Cat" app on the ipad. It emulates the sound of kitten. They don't like it much.

Fin looks unimpressed.

Fin tries to find the cat on the inside

Asos dress

Hair newly done

Asos pants, Kenji flatforms, Zara tunic top

Hair still looking decent

Asos cuff

So bright!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pansy Parade

Still no news. Beginning to think this will drag on forever. It feels like it has been weeks since I slept properly....

But, still at work and upright, so yay for that. Cross fingers and toes I at least find out something by the weekend.
I am actually wearing a bandage skirt in these pics but it looks like I am wearing leggings as pants. Trust me when I say I would never do that.....

Sportsgirl top, Lovisa necklace, Froever New skirt, Topshop boots

House of Harlow ring

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gelati Sorbet

Still no word. Beginning to feel like I am under seige. Went to bed super early (yep, 8:30pm) and then was woken by a phone calle at 9:45pm. Thought it was my alarm so accidentally hung up on them. Whoops! After that,  couldn't get back to sleep, so have had about 3 hours. Consequently feeling super awesome awake today (particularly after crossfit at 6am).

Topshop skirt, Forever New blouse, Witchery belt, Modcloth necklace

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Victoriana Days

Still waiting....
I am making a valiant effort to catch up on the latest music - four years ago I had an ipod installed in my car, which has meant that I haven't listened to the radio in years. As a result, my music stalled back then - and I am scared I will turn into one of those people who just lives in a particular decade. So I have put Tune in on my ipad and am trying to listen to Triple J at work to catch up a little. I don't know any of the songs. At all. I am so ashamed:)

Asos blouse and skirt, Mollini heels


Spots and birds

Mimco dragon ring - not sure why both parts are the same size but meant to fit on different fingers?? (and please excuse my wrinkled freckly hand)

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mini kitties

So....I am still waiting to hear back. And it is slowly. killing. Me.
I am trying to distract myself a little, but I must admit I am a bit miserable! I appear to have not gotten rid of my man cold - it has now developed into a rumbling in my chestal region when I breathe. So weird. Of course me being me, I am still working out etc. I might take tonight off though. Day of rest and all.

Sportsgirl Kitty shirt

Tony Bianco heels

Colette Dinnigan creased pantaloons

Albury looked beautiful on the weekend

I climbed this rope

Tried on this Warehouse dress - not sure it suits me?

My new Asics arrived thanks to Eastbay and Parcel It On (great service)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time for Bed....

I feel like I have been through the wringer lately, flying back and forth, busy as all hell, interview, house inspection etc. Time to take a breath and slow down. I totally give up on the photo a day challenge - too hard!!

Radisson Blu in Sydney - nice bathroom

And big bedroom - got an upgrade. Really recommend it as a place to stay. 

Hit the new Sydney Topshop

And got this jacket - love!

So flattering

Went out to Retro night in Sydney

Had a very tasty soft taco at the airport on the way to Adelaide

And Taco is gone.....

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Out to dinner with the parents in Adelaide

Old people's eating time

Post interview fru chocs at the airport

A football club at the airport??

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

More days, how they go

And....more lack of posts from me. Partially due to major upheavals going on in my life. I'm heading off for an important interview next week, feeling more than a little nervous, apprehensive and all that stuff.

Extra kitty loading

Bardot blazer

Topshop ring

F New pants and top
For the photo a day.....

Something emotional......eating chicken soup. Brings on a wave of comfort and nostalgia

Something close up....hmmmm, what could I be watching? :)

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