Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cat Got Your Tongue

It's done! I got up on stage in just pasties and knickers and performed. And survived.

Fin loves all of the bags

Hanging in the bike shop

Kitty dress today

Leonard Cohen last night

Office shopping

Giant dragonfly

My performance costume

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Feeling Spotty

It's all gearing up for my debut performance Saturday night....

The floor after all of us strip

Hell Bunny skirt

My BDO ticket arrived

Tried out new restaurant - Sliders

Caramello koala milkshake


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Monday, December 2, 2013

Catching Up

I keep getting busy and falling behind on my blogging. For some reason I am not as in love with the process as I once was...

But here it goes! I have shopped up a storm lately - now I am on a shopping ban for the next couple of months. I needed a new wardrobe as the extra few kilos are not budging and not likely too, so I decided to embrace it. I bought out Pin Up Girl Clothing and Modcloth and am attempting a more 50s look. I need to cut my hair a bit though - it's too long for victory rolls.

My first burlesque performance is this Saturday - a group performance. SO NERVOUS.

Nachos following my law exam

Bike ride sundays

The BF and I looking crazy in our helmets

Part of my NYE costume (Decadence)

NYE costume

NYE costume

Our Xmas tree

Attended the SAHMRI opening

New shoes

Today's outfit (all PU girl)

Boss saw this inside my folder finally

Honey puffs at the Greek festival

Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Long Time No Blog

I have been a little awol...I have an exam in two weeks, two burlesque performances, and I have been cheating on blogger with tumblr (which is so much easier but less exciting to read).

So here are some random pictures of what I have been getting up to...

Cheese from Cheesefest

Too cold fridge at work

Random roses on my desk

Ate so many lollies to get these terrible tattoos

Won an adult product basket at a quiz night

Wore a hat for melbourne cup

Bought some dodgy books

Went on my first Chopper style bike ride

Had my face painted for free on Day of the Dead

Saw 5ive (4four)
There were two nuns at the bad taste Halloween party

Did some (bad) karaoke

Nun costume was so uncomfy

Got us some chip n dip hats

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Catch ups

I have been a slack blogger - I finally got on board the tumblr train, and have discovered how much easier it is than ACTUAL blogging:)

But I digress - it has been busy! Gigs, trip to Brissie for a wedding, law school pub crawl, dress ups night, met a hot guy (in Adelaide, who sadly went back to Brissie), got more of my tattoo done.

I am so tired! I also decided my kitty would look great with a bow on. She stood it for about 20 seconds.

Background completed

Ate sushi with mum

Played with my feather fans

Drank the coconut vodka mum brought back

Hung with my girlie

Dressed as Jessica Rabbit

And hung out with Hit Girl

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Ah, the election is over so I have the sads. I feel like a pall has been cast over the country at the moment.

At least I had a great time friday night at the AU Review birthday party - cool bands, had a heap of fun photographing them. here are my favourites (poor quality cause I couldn't be bothered uploading the high res ones).


Horror My Friend



Zara blouse, etsy cat skirt

Had to choose my voting tshirt

On my way to my burlesque audition

Monday - LE dress

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