Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Play nice....

I woke up to kitty bookends this morning....

Getting along like sisters;)

Zara blazer, Asos skirt, Asos belt, Dotti shirt, TB wedges

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More of the kitties:)




So yesterday I picked up my new kitty no. 1, Finlandia (Fin), and this morning I picked up the second one, Belvedere (Bel) (in honour of my first kitty Stoli). I am already exhausted. I forgot what it was like to have two young cats who have 4 legs, not 3. They are not supposed to be jumping after their surgery, but have you ever tried to stop a cat from jumping?



New Asos heart print top, Portmans skirt

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sign of the cross

It's a cold monday morning...tough to get out of bed. My outfit is reflecting this bleak mood today!

Cross ring and necklace

General Pants skirt, TB boots, Warehouse top

Little house on the prairie in mourning:)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Taking the slow road

Thanks again to everyone for your well wishes, it's been sad getting home from the conference to an empty house.
But I am looking at adopting a couple of rescue kitties from the pound - although I would love another Siamese, nothing will replace Stoli, and I would much prefer to give a kitty in need a really good home.

Meanwhile - shopping ban is on. My pick for this week:

You guessed it - a pleated skirt. I think I have 12 now....but I am already picturing this skirt with my orange jumper.

And I also got something else, but it's not a fashion item (so doesn't fall under the ban). I have been wanting a second pair of glasses and I didn't even realise that Asos stocked them!
Luella cats eye glasses

Asos horse print tunic, Zara skirt

The girl behind the meat counter at Coles said she loved my sense of style. Win!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Colour injection

Thanks so much to everyone for their messages, I am feeling very sad at the moment, but thankfully am in Bathurst. I think it will feel a bit worse to get home to an empty house.

It's a pea soupy fog this morning, so I decided to brighten things up.

New asos cross and USA rings

Zara blazer, Dotti top, Asos skirt

Warehouse blouse, River Island jeans

Monday, August 22, 2011

Moments in Time

16 years wasn't long. enough. Seriously, today I say a big 'fuck you' to cancer, first my dad, my kitty and now my sister. Fuck you cancer.

Goodbye Stoli. Best rescue kitty ever.

She begs for morning attention

Stoli helps clean up the spilled milk

Her eyes match my skirt
Her love for yoghurt is unparalleled. Even diet yoghurt.

She helps me study

She relaxes with me

She goes to sleep

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cut the mustard

I love this jumper. I can't resist a horse print.

Asos jumper, skirt, TB boots

One for the road

It's sad around the house tonight. The appointment has been made with the vet tomorrow - it's the right decision because kitty is in a bad way. But it's definitely breaking my heart.

On to non-sad things because I am trying to get my mind off of thinking about it.

Couple of Asos things for the road - shopping ban tomorrow morning...

Tobacco skirt - I have this in blue but love it so much...

Green dress for those imaginary days that I go out

Thursday, August 18, 2011


These will look fantastic on me...


It's friday thank god. Disappointed today and over it. I found out that I won't be off to India after all. I understand the reasoning but I reserve the right to feel sad about it (but not in an unprofessional way of course!).

Going to a colleague's father's funeral today, so no colour blocking.

New asos spike ring

Peter pan collar shirt and skirt from Asos

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Money Money Money

About to go on a spending ban (due to purchasing a house...). So the rule will be - I have $25 per week to spend on fashion, and I can save it to buy something more expensive, or get something small each week. So I suspect I will be sticking to Asos! The exception will be my trip to Adelaide in October, and then it will end at Xmas with my trip to Bangkok.

Starts Monday.....

Meanwhile, Asos is great - all this for $70! And I was thinking woah, that is so much money. To think I used to spend hundreds on one dress.

Asos Floral midi skirt

Asos 60s dress

Asos drape dress - hope this is as flattering as it looks

Asos bird dress

Asos heart blouse

Asos pleated skirt - I have a zillion pleated skirts now

Dubbo and beyond

She's a heartbreaker...

Wallpaper samples for the new house

Bogan wine for The Boy

I'm back! It was a long and late drive in the dark and the rain last night. Of course my Asos parcel had arrived and was soaking wet in the carport (thanks postie). Thank god they wrap everything in plastic.

Asos skirt, Dotti top, FC belt
Mixing spots and stripes...what a rebel

Dotti jumper, AA tank, Nudie jeans

Asos skirt, Target cardi, Zara top, TB wedges