Sunday, October 30, 2011

Damn you Asos, you temptress!

Couldn't resist adding to my hat collection...and again I make a resolution to wear more hats. Despite the teasing I encounter when I do.

Such a cute fedora and only $14

I need to go somewhere posh to wear this one

Couldn't resist since orange is my favourite colour - + pleats!

Acorns away...

Last assignment done....but next session starts in about a week, so no rest for the wicked:)
Off to sunny Bathurst tomorrow until Friday - I bet the kitties destroy the house while I am gone.

Modcloth acorn dress, Witchery Blazer, FC belt, Lipstik shoes + Power Bun:)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A shade daring

Modcloth necklace and top

Back is a little daring for work:) But it's Friday

River island pants, TB heels

Yes I know - I barely ever wear pants;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pow! Captain Planet.

My new House of Harlow ring is definitely the best accessory I own. I love it! Shopbop were great too - super fast delivery.
It is certainly massive - I feel like I need to say shazam a lot:)


Dotti skirt, Nine West wedges, Portmans stripe tee, Lovisa necklace

Better look at the colours in the ring (excuse my wrinkly hand)

I have to stay at work until 8pm tonight, so I came in late and got my gym session over and done with. It was nice and quiet in there at 8:30am!

I have decided shopping bans are useless with me, so I have downloaded an expenses app on my Iphone, and I have to record every bit of money that I spend on a daily basis. It's already making me more cautious about my spending so it's a success thus far:)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Summer on a winter's day

Or should that be Winter on a Summer's day? Weird weather...
So sore this morning from my PT session, I was lucky to get up the stairs at work. Or is that unlucky? :)

Fin gets in on the blogging action

Asos skirt, Tony Bianco wedges, FC belt, Zara blouse

Managed to get my hair nice and curly with my braids:) so much easier than a GHD

Monday, October 24, 2011

Penguin chic

Or should it be newspaper chic? Black and white (and red all over). What a Dad joke;)

My mother and stepfather left early this morning for their drive back to Adelaide, and I feel quite sad. It was lovely having company in the house. Perhaps when we finish the renovations I should look into renting out a room, since the Boy is only here on weekends. It might be nice to have some company during the it would help with paying off the mortgage!

Asos blouse and skirt, Nude shoes

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pastel Sorbet

My parents go back to Adelaide tomorrow - I wish they were staying longer. It was really nice having a family dinner together.

The Boy cooked roast chicken and veg

AA tank, Boston Babe shoes, Asos skirt, CR cardi, Modcloth necklace

MUST get back to doing Weight Watchers today. The past three weeks have been an eating fest to rival Caligula.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blue sky mine

Mum arrives in Wagga today for a visit - can't wait til this work day is over. Not that I don't love my job! I just feel like a weekend is in order already. I feel so crappy and I need a rest. And perhaps some chicken soup.

Vintage skirt, Dotti shirt, Asos belt, Lipstick wedges

Private eyes are watching you...they see your every move.

My kitty is totally evil......

Watching, waiting.

Shopping ban...lusting after these River Island shoes though

Last thing I bought before shopping ban...House of Harlow ring

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lavender Avenue

My Litas's definitely love. They make my feet look huge though:)

Litas in cosmic

Modcloth skirt, RMK heels, Alannah Hill blouse, Asos bow tie, CO cardi

Action shot

So over today - feeling miserable, especially after waiting 3 hours last night for the plumber to fix the shower - and he never showed up. I hate tradespeople. So damn unreliable.

On shopping ban, which is no fun at all.

Monday, October 17, 2011

With a thud, not a whimper

Back home to my new house with the shower that doesn't work. I was full of good intentions about starting off my health kick with the gym this morning, but this didn't happen. I am still exhausted from my big night Saturday night - I guess in my mid 30s I don't bounce back like I used to!
But the plumber is coming to rig a temporary shower over my bath after work, so I don't have to shower at the gym. Hoorah!

The Wombats

He was a wee bit cute

KW Hi There jacket, Asos heart blouse, Portmans leather skirt, Asos boots

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Going over the top

And....cue hangover. Had the best night out with my friends in Adelaide, but was so hungover today after getting home at 6am that I had to get my mum to drive me to HJ's.

Free sombrero

Yet another stoopid pose

Lunch at Bird In Hand winery

Beautiful view

Zara blazer, Witchery playsuit
Zara clutch, Asos belt

Dorothy perkins blazer, aurelio costello dress (down to $78 from $600!), Lovisa Necklace, Therapy wedges

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back in Radelaide

Tired and a wee bit hungover after the 80s party last night...last day of the conference.

Asos skirt, Zara blouse, Therapy shoes, Zara bag

Asos skirt, Zara blazer, Asos shirt

80s outfit! Sadly I already had everything in my wardrobe