Sunday, May 12, 2013

Days 11, 12 and 13! (

Whoops! Managed to fall a little behind - and I was doing so well:)

Anyway, here is a picture of my bag that I will be taking to Cambodia - trying to travel with carryon only. I know it is only 5 days, but for me this will be a major miracle! I'm feeling a bit more organised, flights, insurance and hotel booked for first few nights. I also have a tour booked - a private photography tour of the temples, last all day from 4:30am to 5:30pm!

Anyway - onto the days....

Day 11: Ipod on shuffle and write the first 10 songs.

Hmmm, this will be embarrassing!

1. My mathematical Mind - Spoon
2. TKO - Le Tigre
3.  Never Let Me Go - Florence and the Machine
4. Suicide is Painless - The Drones (Cover)
5. Surfin Safari - The Beach Boys
6. I Want You So Hard - Eagles of Death Metal
7. And No More Shall We Part - Nick Cave
8. So Watcha Want - Beastie Boys
9. Play That Funky Music - James Brown
10. Love Like Semtex - The Infadels

Day 12: Bullet Your Whole Day

Hard to since I forgot....hmmm, what did I do yesterday??

- Got up at 10am since I wasn't feeling well.
- Since I was late I just had a protein bar for breakfast
- Checked internet sites
- Called mum and asked if she wanted to catch up
- Got dressed and ready while she drove down
- Went into town and shopped for ugly trekking sandals and long pants
- Got into arguments with mum as per usual
- Lunch (dumplings)
- Bought ugly sandals and long pants, bug repellent and bag locks, and a camera bag
- Got home
- Went to gym for brief 30 minute run, 10 minute x trainer
- Booked photography tour
- More interneting
- Tried to study for my job interview (failed)
- Went to bed early because I wasn't feeling brilliant

Exciting. Not.

Day 13:Somewhere you would like to move or visit

Easy! I would love to move to any number of places - Mexico, San Francisco, Liverpool, NYC, Singapore...the list is pretty endless. 

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