Sunday, August 25, 2013


Well, I finally got the outline of my new tattoo done - this is the result. So much pain. Trust me to pick something that requires heaps of shading and detail.
I have to go back about 4 times over the next few months to get the colour done, and to get to working on the background - there will be cherry blossoms, and dragonflies.

Sailor dress

Friday casual

Saturday night quiz dinner

We spent the full $1200 that we won for our quiz....

Came home with a balloon

Trying not to hurt my new tattoo by wearing soft clothing

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Barossa Gourmet Weekend

Yep, it was a full-on weekend, that started with British India on the Friday night, sidestepped through some bands at Jack Ruby's and ended in a Barossa winery tour.

Cosmo Thundercat

Wine-ing on together

Not a single person remained 'gentlemen'

ET Phone home burger ring style

Cosmo Thundercat

Kitty says 'do your homework'!

Cue Dress

Review Dress

Vintage jumper, Marni for H&M necklace

New watch

tea lady brings me things

Asos blouse

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Feathery Friends

Just a quick post to say yay! My feather fans arrived and I adore them. Sadly so do the kitties. Gotta keep them under wraps...

Off to British India tonight - it's a damp, dark night out there, not looking forward to it as much as I would like.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Getting In Deep

Spin Off Festival - not sure who the photobomber dude is
 It's been another busy week/end - Cold War Kids at the Gov on Thursday night were amazing! Then I backed that up by attending the Spin Off Festival - my favourite was of course Of Monsters and Men (loved the confetti cannons). Was NOT feeling well when I had to go to my hair appointment the day after....
Then Saturday night was The beards at a 1920s themed 10th Birthday Party for Jive.

Recovery sunday - finally finished watching Orange is the New Black - sad that it is over. Moved onto new ANTM (digging the men being added - eye candy). Project Runway, and going to start watching Orphan Black.

Oh, and I booked in for my next tattoo - it's going to be a peacock covering my whole back. Yeowtch!

1920s night with The Beards

Tattoo booked

Lipsy top

The Beards

Getting caught by three trains on the way to work

LE dress, Zara jacket

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