Sunday, January 30, 2011

Malaysia and back

I have been absent of late, as I just got back from a week in Malaysia for work - well, just KL really. So lots of uni visits, with a bitty bit of shopping and sightseeing shoe horned in. And a sprint through Sydney's airport on Saturday, due to a delayed flight back which very nearly made me miss the only flight back to Wagga all day.

Will update more on the trip later when I have time - but here are a few random pictures...

Shopping centre decorations - beautiful

Australia Day function at the KLCC - chocolate fountain.

Fishie as big as my head

Enthusiastic street kitty says HAI!

Towers..very towering

Friday, January 21, 2011

New/Old glasses

I bought myself some vintage 50s frames from Ebay - not sure if I can pull them off! I want to make sure before I spend hundreds getting lenses put in:)
Hot secretary or old housewife?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tower of Pissing me off

Rant time...

Every morning at the gym I watch Sky news channel while I am working out. And every morning without fail, several times within the hour, I am forced to watch this advertisement. The Tower 200 (were there 199 earlier models? is there 200 exercises? Is 200 his IQ?).

It drives me up the bloody wall. No idea why it makes me so insane, especially considering the sound is off, so I am only subjected to the visuals. I think possibly it has something to do with their complete disregard for the english language (sample dialogue - "you gotta door, you gotta gym"). It's caveman-speak for those whose muscles are bigger than their vocabulary. I think it may also be the fact that no one would get a body like this guy from pulling on a few bands strung to the back of a door.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30 Day Shred

Well, since my online PT isn't panning out the way I hoped, I have purchased the 30 Day Shred following on from online recommendations. It is three levels - you start on one, go for 10 days, then push on to 2, and so on. Each workout is only 20 minutes - 3 mins strength, 2 mins cardio, 1 min abs. Really - it's not very hard, but it surely does make me sweat. All you need is a mat and a small set of weights. It will be good to add this to what I am already doing (as doing it alone doesn't seem long enough).
I have hurt my shoulder kickboxing, so I had to skip weights this morning...I need to get back into it.

Movie reviews

It is no secret that I adore going to the movies - have done so ever since I was a child. My father had custody of me on the weekends, so every week we would see a new movie. Consequently, I have seen pretty much every 80s movie that ever was released. I love the choctops, the velvet curtains, the smell, the previews (NEVER make me miss the previews). I am very against downloading movies for this reason - I want to preserve the experience and the ritual. And I especially adore Gold Class (none in Wagga though).

Here are some I have seen lately...

Was a very decent action thriller - nothing ground breaking, but it was nice to see something enthralling that didn't actually have a stereotypical baddie.

Morning Glory - I quite liked this! Again, nothing spectacular, and you could wait for DVD, but I do love Rachel McAdams, she has such charisma on screen. And Harrison Ford was quite enjoyable as a complete grump.

Burlesque....hmmm, well it was my birthday yesterday, and I spent it alone as the Boy was working. So since I have no friends to do anything with in Wagga, I went to the movies alone to see something cheesetacular. And this was it....I didn't hate it exactly - Stanley Tucci was fun. And the costumes were amazing! But seriously - what Xtina's character did in the movie wasn't really Burlesque. I much preferred the act before she joined it. I mean, I wouldn't pay to see her sing.

Miraculous? Ridiculous!

Ok, for those who haven't tried the Victoria's Secret Miraculous bra - here is how it works. It is incredibly padded, but comfy, and it gives you an incredible upsize in the breast department! No wonder everyone has renamed it the Ridiculous Bra. It turns my humble B cups into double Ds...

Before...humble beginnings.

After. Woah. I could take someone's eye out with those.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Singapore Hotel

I thought I might upload some pictures and comments about my holiday in Singapore over the New Years period.

First post is about the hotel we stayed at for the first two nights - The Wanderlust Hotel in Little India. It hasn't been open very long, but I decided to take a chance, and boy did it pay off! I can't praise this hotel enough - friendly staff, and the decor is amazing. Each floor has a different theme by a different team of architects.

We stayed on the 4th floor - the 'Whimsical' level in the Typewriter Room. It had a loft style bed, the softest mattress and pillows I have ever experienced, with a separate flat screen up there. There was a free minibar with water and juice, a pod coffee maker, and ipod player, fluffy robes, free internet and buffet breakfast, and kiehls toiletries. Amazing.

Bar and Breakfast room

Sign in the lobby


Typewriter couch

Hotel frontage

Loft Bed

Bathroom (under the loft part - shower left, toilet right)

Freestanding bath in the middle of the room

I definitely regretted only staying here two nights with 5 nights at the 5 star place (Swissotel Stamford). The service etc was much better at the Wanderlust, Little India is my favourite part of Singapore, and really, the value for money was much better with the free internet and minibar!

Latest Random Outfits

Just to keep up the fashion aspect of this blog, here are some rather uninspired outfits I have been wearing lately...

Work outfit: Portmans dress, TB heels, Dotti cardi, YSL bag

Side view of Portmans Skirt

Front view: Portmans skirt, Josh Goot tank, TB heels, Sportsgirl necklace

Out and about in Sydney - Topshop shirt, tank and necklace, portmans shorts

Birthday work outfit - Dotti dress, Charles and keith heels, CR cardi

Sunday, January 16, 2011

More about me

A little bit more about my new town, for those who want to know. Here is a bit about life in Wagga:

Wagga was under water recently.

Sometimes you see strange sights in the country!

Double rainbows happen.

The lake is a beautiful spot.

Watch out for the animal life.

I love it here - that's not to say that I don't miss the city life back in Adelaide. I would kill for a wine bar and a Tony Bianco store. But the country certainly has its beautiful quirks;)

Sydney Tomorrow...

Off to Sydney tomorrow for work - just for one night. It will be good to get back to the Big Smoke to eat at the Sushi Train (life's ambition), and to stay in a nice hotel. Not much time though - over by lunchtime, back by 10am the next morning.

The view from the last hotel I stayed at for work. birthday! A sage 34 years young. Not expecting much for my actual birthday - the Boy is studying at study group so I won't see him, and I have few friends in Wagga. My one friend and I will be off to see Tangled in 3D. I will see just about anything in 3D. I really want a 3D tv at home, but the Boy has reminded me that this year is the year I become Fiscally Responsible. Whatever that means.

Malaysia in less than a week. I am hoping that I find mucho cheapo perfumes. I can't help myself - I love the bottles, the scents and the names.

Looking forward to adding to my collection...soon, my pretties!

More outfit pics and assorted things... lover and my nemesis. These are a few of my faves..

Nothing sexier than leopard shoes..

Friday night pub outfit.
Dotti top
Wayne Cooper skirt
TB Heels
TopShop necklace

Another work outfit.
Dotti top
CR skirt
Dotti cardi
Elcheapo Singapore bag and shoes

Another shot of previous outfit.
These glasses rock for freebies!

I am lusting after a new camera - really want a big proper camera rather than the point and shoot one I have now. My dad's old Nikon lenses will fit a modern digital, so i really only have to buy the camera. Can't afford it though. Wonder if I can get that included in my forthcoming financial plan!

Avoiding work

How many rings is too many rings?

How many nailpolishes are too many?

Finally hung the sari I bought in Singapore across the window.

My wardrobe (one of them)...overflowing. I can't think of how to make it neater!

As you can see I spent the weekend rummaging around the house thinking about doing the work I had brought home. And not much else apart from a little cleaning. Feeling guilty that I hadn't achieved anything. Plus it was 37 degrees and the aircon in our house is crapulent at best.

I was supposed to do a 5km run on sunday - part of it was a walk. It was hot, and I have to admit I have fallen out of love with running. So tonight I will start kickboxing instead. Hopefully I will be more Ashley Judd in Kiss the Girls, and less me falling on my arse.

Sydney tomorrow. At least I get Sushi train! God I miss it. I miss eating it every day for lunch.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

All dressed up, no where to go...

It's hard to get up some days...

Sigh.. I just cannot get motivated today. I have work to do that I brought home, the house needs some cleaning still. And yet - I am still here on the couch. It's bloody hot.

I attempted to do the 5km run as prescribed by my PT - it was half walking. I find that I have lost my love of running over the past year. I would rather scrub the dishes than go for a run.
But I still have 3 kilos to lose! Oh well, slowly does it I guess. It's not a race!

A couple of outfits from this week - excuse the dodgy camera work - I have no one to hold the camera for me (I must work out the timer on my proper camera).

AH blouse
Zac Posen for Target skirt
El cheapo shoes from Singapore

TB shoes
Portmans skirt
Josh Goot for Target tank
Dotti cardi
Witchery sunnies (free with MC)

I am lusting after an ASOS dress at the moment, and a leather satchel. I am trying to talk myself out of it - one week til my work trip to Malaysia, and I would like to have at least $650 to spend while I am there. Not that I will have much time to be doing that, but I am sure I can fit in a quick TopShop raid!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting started

Kitty was trying to get me off the computer this morning...

It's windy and tumbleweedy in Wagga today.

Well, I decided that since every man and his dog has a blog, that perhaps every girl and her cat should have one too...

So here is mine. City girl from Adelaide moved to the tumbleweedy wilds of Wagga Wagga 6 months ago for a kick arse job and a kick arse man.

I have just returned from a NYE trip to Singapore with The Boy, was a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of eating and shopping. Am now madly planning a work trip to Malaysia..will do my very best not to shop at Top Shop whilst I am there, especially considering I managed to drag the Boy into 10 of them during one week in Singapore. And I shall only purchase flat shoes - considering I have over 100 pairs of heels, my shoedrobe is feeling a little unbalanced.