Monday, April 30, 2012

Got the blues for you

More utter craziness at work. I felt a little like sticking my head under the pillow this morning, especially since I didn't sleep well last night. It seems my head is still in holiday mode. Either that or too much coffee and stress.

At least I have the latest Sookie Stackhouse to look forward to! It should appear in my kindle library as soon as it hits May 1st (I assume in the US).

Spent last night watching fab tv - Mad Men, The Good Wife and GCB. Plus cooked a mean vietnamese chicken soup.

Deciding what to do with this sari material I bought...

Loving my new PJ pants from F21

Zara blouse, new F21 skirt, FC belt, Asos boots

Three day old unwashed hair strangely looks better than washed hair

I fell for the bird print on this skirt. plus the $20 price tag

I got on the Asos boots bandwagon...for $35 who could resist? So comfy!

Doing the claw shellac nail polish

Topshop ring

Random deer necklace

New River Island clutch bag

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coal mines

Back to the coal mines this morning....

Fin sits on my chest (with Bel in the background). Happy to see me?

Today's outfit - new Zara horse shirt, Zara jeans, topshop boots and ring, asos cuff, mimco dragon hoops

Dirty mirror!

Upside down Topshop Ambush boots

Horse print...

Love the shoulder studs

Using my new Angry Birds Mug

Short story on the mug - Kato and I wanted them - they were collectible mugs in the Singers 7/11s. You had to basically spend $30 to get these stamps, and then pay $6.95 for a random one of 6 mugs. We spent so much money on crapola stuff just to get these mugs:) Glad I got my second favourite's good because you don't spill your coffee!

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The Challenge Begins.....

So....My friend Kato and I enjoyed Langkawi and Singapore. Maybe a little too much. Those waffles sure do pack a punch on the waistline!

So that leads us to our Challenge - 4 weeks of exercise and diet to get our waistlines down to normal again. I will be posting our results weekly - there will also be an alcohol ban for the next four weeks. In addition, I will post my diet, exercise and spending habits over the next few weeks, as I am also on a shopping ban (probably until the year 2015 due to my singers spree).

Without ado - here is the starting results...

Me: 70.9 kilos (whoops! A gain of 5 kilos in two weeks!) 
Kato: 78.7 

Let's see what happens next saturday morning....

And to keep me accountable:

Saturday 28th April 

Food: 1090 calories (Ricotta berry toast, Turkey Wrap, Vietnamese Chicken Salad, yoghurt, tuna, coffee, popcorn)

Exercise: 531 calories (1hr10mins, 35 mins cardio, 35 mins weights chest and back)

Money: $109 (groceries, hard drive, printer ink, iTunes purchases)

Sunday 29th April

Food: 1100 calories (Ricotta berry toast, Turkey Wrap, Vietnamese Chicken Salad, yoghurt, tuna, coffee, popcorn, cocoa drink)

Exercise: 475 calories (1 hr, 50 mins cardio, 10 mins abs and stretching)


Singers and Langkawi

For those of you not bored by photos of other people's holidays! :)
In no particular are my Fave photos.

Would definitely stay at the Westin, Langkawi and the Quincy Hotel, Singapore again.
Westin was so plush, great breakfasts, pools and bars, really relaxing. Lovely spa.
Quincy is simply the best value - price is inclusive of wifi, minibar (replenished daily). 2 pieces of laundry daily, free breakfasts, lunches and dinners (can be substituted for bar snacks), and 2 hours of free drinks in the afternoon (sooooooooo good!). Plus it is a lovely, funky hotel, right by orchard road.

Drinks in the Westin Lobby Langkawi

High tea at the Raffles

Duty free lollies in Langkawi

Lunch at Bon Ton in Langkawi - cat sanctuary. I wanted to adopt this one

Art in the bathroom of the Quincy Hotel, Singers

Two drinks for meeeeeee.... pool bar at the Westin

Hawker court in Singers - new dress from H&M, Ring Topshop

Murtabak at the Hawker court

Childish giggles ahoy

The VIP Thali at Madras New Woodlands, Upper dickson St, Singers

Bar at the Westin

Breakfast waffles at the Westin

View from breakfast

So pretty!

By the bar

The jetty

Drinks on the terrace

Night markets

On the beach (charlie brown kaftan)
Utter relaxation

View from the cruise

Terrible pina colada on the cruise


So shiny with sunscreen


Polo launch at the hotel

Lights in the pool

I want these lights in my yard

Mangrove tour on kayaks with Dev's Tours - so worth it (except for nearly drowning in the canoe due to rain)

So serene

Too close for comfort

One of the bars at the Westin

Visited Bon Ton resort (which is also an animal sanctuary)

View from lunch at Bon Ton

Yummy laksa

The cats love to join you during lunch

Monkeys on the road outside the Westin

Pool at the Quincy

Snakes at the Zoo

So cute! Breakfast with the ranges

So cute!

Real zebra crossing