Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shine on Blues

Feeling ill this morning.....I blame the milo cake I baked for a co worker's birthday. I ate SOOOOO much condensed milk icing. Epic Michelle Bridges fail! I have learnt my lesson. No baking cakes even for a good cause. I feel so sick - I couldn't even finish my usual ricotta on toast, had to throw my second piece out and make a piece with vegemite instead. And no coffee! Urgh.

Plus, I dropped my camera and it randomly deleted photos. Weird.

Replacement Topshop ring for the one that is in a hotel room somewhere in Houston....I want my gold one back!

Zara jeans, H&M jacket, Zara Top, Topshop boots

Hair is kinda behaving

My ring rocks! Plus I love my Revlon Lip butter...

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  1. You're stylin' those sequins! Gorgeous outfit.