Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Naughty and sad

So I was really naughty on my shopping ban. I made the mistake of going on Net A Porter when I was feeling sad....and came away with a Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal bag.At least it was on sale...

Still trying to decide on my hairstyle for Friday night - probably the side pony. I am spanxing it up big time - if I meet a nice man I will totally have to make him wait for about half an hour while I wrestle my way out of it in the bathroom - no getting jiggy with it with that sucker on. And a nice stick on bra. How sexy. But I have at least had eyelash extensions and am getting my hair done on friday morning.

Felt a bit sad last night - our house in Wagga finally sold, settlement was yesterday. Although I instigated the break up, and definitely didn't want to stay, it was a bit sad. So I totally wallowed, played some sad tunes, and tried hard not to cry (because I had just had the eyelash extensions done and you are not meant to get them wet for 24 hours!)

Speaking of which - I got super cheap eyelash extensions done in Albury - Fashion Fingers has Tuesday specials - $50! Bargain.


  1. owwwww cute bag!! im super envious... i want so much stuff but have maxxed out my cc already, and realistically can't justify it. i should've never looked cos i'm now genuinely sad i can't have things. haha. what an idiot.

    i know the pain you feel for your house. its a weird sadness. i do the same with music when i'm upset. i'm unable to cry though. i'm just a bad egg.


    ps hope you find a nice man ;) and can wiggle out of those spanx!!! side pony is always good - other wise all out?> xx


  2. I always buy when I'm feeling emotional, it's so bad! But that bag is absolutely gorgeous...

  3. Love the wiggle-out-of-your-spanx imagery! haha. I hope you find a nice man, too!

    I'm getting eyelash extensions this weekend! So excited! What type did you get?

    That bag is friggin adorable!!!