Monday, June 18, 2012

Pj Day

It felt like a pjs kinda I am wearing my new Zara pj pants (my last purchase in LA). Soooo comfy, they do crease a little but it's hard to tell with the print. I was seriously struggling yesterday - I had to carry many boxes up 5 floors because of all days to be broken, the lift had decided to give up the ghost. I managed to make it to the gym afterwards but put in a poor 40 minute showing.
There is a DJ at my gym on Monday nights. Weird. My workout was improved by the hot guy doing chin ups. Good thing us women can watch without being obvious about it:)

Getting my eyelashes done, hence no eye makeup. Trying a new place here in Albury that has a $50 Tuesday special. Hope I don't end up with my eyes glued shut.....

Zara pants, TB boots, Asos belt, Dotti peplum top, CO card, Asos cuff

So wide

Kitty bomb. My hair so needs colouring!


OPI Monsooner or Later. Love the India collection best


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