Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm back. It feels weird to be in icy old Australia again. I way to move to the USA!

Going to a function - Gorman dress

I won a kindle - now mum's bday present
Last day of the conference

Cheesecake factory - oh the choices

Cookie dough

View from my room at the Sofitel LA

Bed so comfy

Bathroom so plush

I love hotel robes

They have a pet menu...

Whoops! new shoes...

And more new shoes

Beach boys

Wearing my dotty peplum top again

Coin chair

At malibu

I miss the californian sun

I got a little sunburnt at Griffith Park

waiting for a Pinks turkey dog

I ended up being filmed for a segment on Extra - I had to ask a celebrity a question

I wanted this dress in Anthropologie but I couldn't afford the $300!

Kitty welomes me home

Leona Edmiston dress


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Only in US would you have a pet menu. Great pics.

  2. Which celeb was it? Looks like you had an awesome time, so jealus

  3. No one I knew! It was Ariel Tweeto from some Alaska flying show, and Maria whats her name from dancing with the stars.