Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flower for your thoughts

12WBT is going well, down another .8 kg. Although I have the charity ball this weekend...not going to be following the plan that night I think!

Very over going to the gym after work - apart from all the hot guys there. I hate waiting to use equipment. If only it wasn't minus 3 degrees in the mornings!

I bought two of these J Crew skirts on sale for $40 - they warned me they stretch so I got the size 6 - but it's already stretching. That's some crazy sizing right there!

J Crew skirt, Zara jacket, Equipment blouse, FN necklace, Sportsgirl rings, CR boots

Wish I had a plain background!

New ring, so cheap

I have had these boots for a zillion years

Love this necklace

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  1. Baben! Gorgeous hair, makeup, outfit, everything :)