Monday, April 30, 2012

Got the blues for you

More utter craziness at work. I felt a little like sticking my head under the pillow this morning, especially since I didn't sleep well last night. It seems my head is still in holiday mode. Either that or too much coffee and stress.

At least I have the latest Sookie Stackhouse to look forward to! It should appear in my kindle library as soon as it hits May 1st (I assume in the US).

Spent last night watching fab tv - Mad Men, The Good Wife and GCB. Plus cooked a mean vietnamese chicken soup.

Deciding what to do with this sari material I bought...

Loving my new PJ pants from F21

Zara blouse, new F21 skirt, FC belt, Asos boots

Three day old unwashed hair strangely looks better than washed hair

I fell for the bird print on this skirt. plus the $20 price tag

I got on the Asos boots bandwagon...for $35 who could resist? So comfy!

Doing the claw shellac nail polish

Topshop ring

Random deer necklace

New River Island clutch bag

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