Sunday, April 1, 2012

Coffee and Tv

Ever have those weekends where you don't feel like you achieved anything?

Tried on a cape in Portmans

And a dress in Myers - not sure about the white against my skin but I do love it!

Wore my new bargain Dotti novelty jumper to see 21 Jump Street - it was suprisingly funny, but would have been much improved with wine

Bought a new pod coffee machine from Aldi - $79! I think I am in love. It is so many kinds of awesome

Discovered Draw Something on the ipad, playing againts all my friends. My drawing skillz are not great - this was Mercury - my mum thought it was the olympics

And Obama of course. I think I captured the ears

Today - Asos dress, belt, Lovisa necklace, Lipstik wedges

House photos are happening, then it goes on the market this coming weekend, with the first open the weekend after. I am terrified about strangers going through my stuff. plus fearful of the cats getting out:( Can't really take them for a drive though.

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  1. Just blog-hopped here!

    Sometimes the weekends where you feel like you haven't achieved anything are good - you feel rested!

    Coffee pod machine from Aldi! Awesome. Does it work well? I've been wanting to get one! May need to check out Aldi ASAP! :)