Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I am working from home today - pictures are being done to list the house on the market. Therefore I am not dressed up in the slightest.
I have also managed to kill my milk frother - I didn't read the instructions and I immersed it in water. Whoopsy! And of course Aldi is sold out....grrr! I felt so sad when I tried to make a coffee and I had no frothed milk!

Since my outfit is so boring, I have also photographed some of my collections of things - clearly I do not have anything approaching a 'capsule' wardrobe! It's interesting to see so much colour too - when I lived in Adelaide I wore mostly black. How the times have changed in two short years!

Since I am working from home today - Dotti shirt, Zara jeans and boots, Stella for Target scarf

Makes me feel like an air hostess - I miss those fun Designers for Target days!




Blazers and some party dresses


Bracelets and rings

Earrings - Gold vs silver

Half my perfumes (some in the bathroom too)


Books part one

Books part 2 (still more boxes and I have three boxes to get rid of)

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