Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coal mines

Back to the coal mines this morning....

Fin sits on my chest (with Bel in the background). Happy to see me?

Today's outfit - new Zara horse shirt, Zara jeans, topshop boots and ring, asos cuff, mimco dragon hoops

Dirty mirror!

Upside down Topshop Ambush boots

Horse print...

Love the shoulder studs

Using my new Angry Birds Mug

Short story on the mug - Kato and I wanted them - they were collectible mugs in the Singers 7/11s. You had to basically spend $30 to get these stamps, and then pay $6.95 for a random one of 6 mugs. We spent so much money on crapola stuff just to get these mugs:) Glad I got my second favourite's good because you don't spill your coffee!

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