Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The life aquatic

Only just over a week to go until we are in Singapore and Langkawi! I am trying to focus on that, since this whole putting the house on the market thing is really depressing me.

So far we have booked....

Breakfast at the zoo with the rangas!

Staying at the Westin in Langkawi

Kayak tour through the mangroves

Staying at the Quincy hotel in Singers 

High tea at the Tiffin room at Raffles

Of course I have been to Singapore before and done the usual things, but I have never been to Langkawi. I am hoping that I can actually relax (hard to imagine), and that I might even wear one of my bikinis that I bought and then never wore. I am planning on a lot of cocktails. And a little bit of shopping. In preparation I have had my toenails all nicely shellac-ed and am getting my eyelashes done (I was going to wait til I got there, but I figured it might be nice to look decent sans makeup while lounging pool side).

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. You will love Langkawi. I went there on my babymoon. No tips necessary, you've already booked the Westin. Have fun.