Thursday, March 29, 2012


Friday, oh thank god you are here! I honestly couldn't have gone another day....
Meeting the real estate agent after work today to put the house on the market, it's likely to be an unpleasant and tense evening.

Worked my arms only in my PT session this morning - can barely type now! I have been wearing my new polar heart rate monitor - the ebay seller was great, next day delivery 9and to Wagga!). Disappointed by the scant amount of calories my weight sessions burn - only approx 300 for the entire hour (with 10 mins of cardio). Blurgh. But my muscles are great.

Fin just hanging out on the piles of stuff in the study

This was a Karen Walker dress that didn't fit right around the thighs so I had it chopped into a top

KW Top, Zara jeans, Wittner heels, Diva necklace

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  1. Remember that in addition to the calories burnt during a workout, exercise also makes your metabolism faster throughout the day :-)