Monday, April 4, 2011

Walking in the rainy city....

Ah, a weekend in Melbourne always soothes the soul. But not the wallet....never the wallet!

Stopped in Glenrowan for lunch - and yet again the Boy wouldn't agree to go to see the Kelly show:( Spoilsport.

Lunch at Cookie with mum - bird wanted to get in on the action

Morning tea at Koko Black

I adore arcades

The creepiest Tim Burton-esque mannequins in the world in the new Myer (which really just looks like DJs to me)

New beret from Forever New

All in black and red
I bought mucho items (well, mum may have treated me a little). I got the leopard beret, leopard sweater, cream cape from Forever New, and a striped top and little black bag from Portmans.

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