Thursday, April 28, 2011

Apples and oranges...

I am thinking about changing my hair...maybe cutting in some layers to giveit more body. But at the same time I want to keep my hair long. It's just so boring and straight (I am aware that some people would love to have dead straight hair!).

I love this girl's hair - was thinking something like this might work for me?

(Olivia Harrison via Lookbook:

Autumn is doing pretty things around me

The sun is setting when I get home...and it's already only 5 degrees when I go to the gym at 6am

I am awaiting a replacement camera battery charger for my phone - I lost mine. I took some proper shots this morning but just when I went to upload the battery finally died. So I will have to stick with these crappy ones in the meantime!

My attempt at colourblocking
Asos skirt, Zara blouse, Portmans belt, TB nude heels, vintage necklace

Messy bedroom as always.

Asos has a new code....gah!


  1. i can't stay away from asos - damn discount codes!
    i think you work the colour block trend well!
    new follower xxx

  2. Thanks:)
    Yes - I find it so hard to pass up a discount code from ASos - my brain somehow tells me the clothes are practically free:)