Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sydney Town

We are back from our anniversary weekend in Sydney...we ate, we drank, we shopped (a little). We also got incredibly lost trying to drive out of the city centre, but at least we got to see (and drive over) the Harbour Bridge twice (by accident).

As soon as we got there it was vego dim sum (me) and oysters (the Boy)

We went out on Good Friday eve with the Boy's friends...I got drunky. Badly.

Wayne Cooper skirt, Dotti top, FC belt, Jessica Simpson Dany platforms, mismatched black socks

Forever new beret, Modcloth tree necklace, lovisa ring

Dany platforms. I always fall over but I love them

The Boy bested me at Sushi train...I was handicapped by my hangover

Shopping haul: Zara shirt and tshirts, forever new beret, wittner platforms

My anniversary gift that I picked out:)

Zara made my head hurt - way too hungover, couldn't find anything I wanted, it was always in the hands of someone else!

Anniversary dinner at Otto's - Cue dress, new platforms

Dresses with fur collars make me feel russian...

Good thing this dress has room for food belly

Shiny shoes

Car driving outfit - new Zara tshirt (great value at $26)

Beret love

Stopped at Lee & Me in Wollongong for lunch - yum! Sweetcorn and chickpea fritters

The Boy's pastrami sandwich

I love graffiti

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