Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dancing in the daffodils

I may look all lemony fresh today (and smell like it because of all the lemon and honey I am drinking for my cold), but I feel like death. But a new blouse perks up anyone's spirits!

I adore this Modcloth blouse

Modcloth blouse, Navy Cue skirt, We love colours navy tights (which are a different navy sadly - didn't notice til I got outside), CR boots

Hair looking unbrushed as per usual

So I have made my last purchase before my financial diet begins (and my physical one - just resigned up to Weight Watchers to get rid of the last 4.8 kilos)

6 bottle of Sav Blanc to take me through the next month or so - Grays online is so cheap. Not great for my physical diet though!

Cat print skirt from Etsy - no idea what the quality will be like, but was only $35

Blue skirt from Asos Raspberry flippy skirt - Topshop
Tangerine skirt - Topshop
Feather earrings - Topshop
Fishy ring - Topshop (who could resist those eyes!)

As you can see, I am trying to brighten up my wardrobe with some acid colours - I had a look at my skirts and over 90% of them are black. I have a Victorian Widow's wardrobe!

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  1. love love love that yellow and navy combination! almost as much as i love oyster bay sav blanc!