Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dreaming of Chanel

I am sad today...the leopard blazer was sold out! But instead of getting my money back, I ordered a few brights instead...I have realised I wear nothing but black, and I need to inject some neon brights into it.

Green jumper - these were only 9.99!

Orange - is the new pink

Green top

Butterfly print top
Feeling very ill today - have had two hours sleep due to coughing - feeling a little loopy! I also have a red nose. Pity it's not red nose day.
PA jacket, Sportsgirl top, CR skirt, AH pearls, We love colours tights, random booties

I just can't do a good topknot. It never works for me!

I love these tights but they don't seem to have much elastic in them - they are already sagging a bit.


  1. Aw that sucks it was sold out, but I love the other things you got!! Love the bright jumpers, they'll be great for winter!
    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hi! Which style of tights did you purchase? We recommend our Microfiber Tights Style# 1053 for everyday use as the lycra adds durability and stretch :)

  3. Babe, I love all your picks, especially that cute Butterfly top, which online site is this?

    And Modcloth is love, I shall eagerly stalk your blog to see your new outfits.

    I have like almost 300usd worth of items in my Modcloth cart... not good haha.

    The Cat Hag

  4. It's Zara online from the UK - I had to use a parcel forwarder (Briony Buys). I can't resist butterflies.

    Yes - my Modcloth cart has about $200 worth - I am trying to say no!)

  5. I love that jacket.. gorgeous.