Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pastel pretty

Had a day working from home yesterday, woke today to find I had the sorest throat. Is this the cold I already had circling around and coming back, or is it a new mutated one? Not sure - all I know is that I cannot wait for the weekend. I almost wish we weren't going to Sydney so I could just laze around at home.

My new tripod arrived - now I just have to get better with the camera! Not sure how to make the pictures bigger...it's all a mystery to me.

New $10 supre maxi skirt, Sportsgirl blouse, Friends of Couture snowflake cardi

I love me a big skirt

This cardi was such a bargain at $15

Obligatory bathroom shot - me in Forever new cape at the movies (we saw Paul - 3.5 stars)

Stoli hogging the chair while I work from home


  1. I got the snowflake cardi too!!! Your cat is soo cute hehehe. I really love that forever new coat, is that a recent item?

  2. Yes - I got it a couple of weeks ago in Melbourne. It's a beautiful cape - I think it was around the $140 mark?

  3. ohhh I must see if they still have it...must try it on/have it! Thanks

  4. where did you get the maxi skirt?!?I love it

  5. Maxi skirt was supre - online from Westfield for $10!