Monday, April 11, 2011

Empty Pockets

Working from home today...means I get to wear ugg boots, so no outfit pictures necessary.

I am using a parcel forwarding/purchasing service to try to buy this leopard print blazer for me - fingers crossed they get my payment in time!

Hope I look as chic as this (I probably won't be wearing leggings though)

My financial plan is about to come into effect as of next no more random spending for me. I will have the planners examining my finances. The only chance I will get will be in Canada early June, as I will be no doubt spending my work meal allowance on clothes and eating noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I will have to learn to 'shop my wardrobe', and only buy the basics. Sigh. At least my Modcloth order arrived today - I love it! Outfit posts coming up....


  1. Lovely blazer, it's going to look great on you! I'd love to hear your review of the post forwarding service, there'a a few things I want to buy from online shops that don't ship here :(
    Can't wait to see your modcloth order!

  2. I wish you the best on your saving :) Im doing the same at the moment and its always tough for a clothes loving gal, which may be why i bought shoes yesterday haha
    Ginger xx

  3. This jacket is gorgeous, I think it suits your style down to a T. Sorry to hear in your other post that it sold out though. Maybe you will find something much better in the near future! These things always happen for a reason :)

    Good luck with your savings plan. It'll be worth it and very rewarding in the end!