Sunday, April 17, 2011

On the straight and narrow...

After a weekend doing not much of anything (besides some much neglected filing and cleaning out of drawers), I am back at work, cold still in tow.

My lovely mother bought me this Portmans aviator jacket on sale for $100 - it's in the mail on the way from Adelaide to Wagga

I got my hair did - looks so straight when they do it

The usual weekend wear

Everyone at the hairdresser loved my booties
My wardobe is so much messier - you can't half tell my partner is in the military...well, besides the uniforms being a giveaway of course!

Cold roll prep last night

Monday outfit with my new scarf, General pants skirt, Cheapo singapore heels, Zara jacket, dotti top
I can't get my hair as nice as the hairdresser does!

I look asleep again

Cheapy heels with socks (can't tell under my maxi skirt though)

Smiling and ready for work (not really)


  1. Your hair is so incredible!
    That portmans jacket is gorgeous, so nice of your mum!
    Love the print scarf too!

  2. That jacket is so cute! And I love your hair :)