Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nothing to See Here, Move Right Along....

Two days til my birthday.....and I am zonked! Considering skipping Crossfit tomorrow morning, just so I can get my equilibrium back. Is there anyone else out there that finds it hard to skip a day of exercise? My brain starts shouting 'no, don't let yourself down'.
Maybe I should loan my brain out to people who find it hard to commit to exercise? I have enough trouble cutting down from 6 days a week....
But we won quiz night again - 4 weeks in a row! Yay for the Red Elvises... :)
Asos Squirrel shirt, Zara skirt

Probably too short for work yet again

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  1. Loan your brain out to me please!!

    I haven't exercised since May last year..... :$

  2. Oooh only two days!!
    I love the colour of the skirt!