Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Days of Rain

It feels weird to be in the height of summer, and hear the rain outside. Is it just me , or does it really seem like the wearher is just getting crazier?

We epic failed at Trivia night last night - 4th! After 5 weeks of winning. I guess we just weren't feeling it...

Still thinking about my next tattoo...was thinking of a proper big peacock across my back, but then this girl's dragon made me rethink pretty! I do already have a fire, a wind and water dragons on my back. Maybe time for the earth dragon to link them all?

Managed to avoid the charity tea trolley at work yesterday due to my juice cleanse

Back to normal (and normal eating) again today. Don't think I will ever do three days again - I am such a hard person to be around when I have been starved of food. Maybe just the occasional one day one...

Colette Dinnigan Pants, Warehouse top

Zara jacket

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  1. Where did you buy your juices from. I have never seen those ones before. Don't think I could go three days though.
    Good luck deciding on your tattoo!

  2. I got the juices from Coles - I give a big thumbs up to the 'Raw' brand ones, they manage to hide the vegetable juice under a layer of fruit successfully:)

    1. Thanks! I don't like veggie juice so if it tastes like fruit it is a double win in my book!