Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feeling the Blues

So hungry. Had a slight epic fail last night on the juice cleanse as I had to make caramel slice for the charity tea trolley...ate all the edges I trimmed off - AND licked the bowl. Oh well. Might break early tonight in time for dinner at the pub for trivia night (will have a healthy salmon and veg dinner).

This experiment has been interesting. I definitely think juice cleanses can be useful for one day, but going three days is really hard. Might be good to throw in one day once in a while, maybe on a weekend rather than a work day (not eating makes it super hard to concentrate!)

Meat chocolate - worrying

My Wish dress arrived - is it too short? Not sure. I am old after all. And I totally need a strapless bra with this one. The colour is amazing though.

Does strange things to my boobs

Too short for a 36 year old?

Wish dress

Feeling the blues this morning - stars and stripes and Americana all the way. Like Wonder Woman minus the spandex.

Asos skirt and belt, Zara top

Zara blazer

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  1. You're a hot 36 year old so it's ok :)

    Just wanted to say that you couldn't pay me to stop eating, so well done for trying on your own accord. I have seen other detox diets (one in a recent MC mag) where one can still eat albeit raw veggies and stuff.

  2. The dress looks great on you, not too short :-)

  3. I tried the Urban Remedy cleanse for 5 days and found it really hard. I felt good afterwards

    Love the dress, my personal opinion is that it's too short - I wouldn't wear it and I'm 29, but that's just me, I'm more of a jeans girl and a bit of a tomboy! So perhaps the wrong person to comment! I love the colour and the cut though :