Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Down and Down

Feeling so upset - took the dress I bought online for my birthday party to the dry cleaner - I had thrown away the reciepts etc (I bought it before xmas), so I didn't think I could return it, but I discovered it had a mark on the back.
She looked at it, and said they had to cut the tags off, so she did. Then she proceeded to tell me she couldn't dry clean it because of the attached neckpiece!!! AFTER she cut the damn tags off. So there was zero hope of returning it. SO PISSED OFF. Sorry for the caps:)
Plus why would they make a dry clean only dress that cannot be dry cleaned? Blurgh. So I bet when I go in monday it will be ruined. Sigh.

Anyway, trying to decide if this dress is a keeper - I think now, the fit is weird...

Topshop dress - love the print but such a weird fit

Karen Walker dress I had cut off into a top

Old Dotti skirt

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