Monday, January 7, 2013

More caturday

More experimental picture taking, sadly lost its quality since I have copied these from Facebook....Fin loves having her photo taken, Bel not so much. Also Bel has become evil lately - she won't come for dinner anymore, which ruins the whole 'trick them into being locked down into the back of the house at night by feeding them'. She has scratched me two nights in a row because I had to drag her down. Hmmm....

And I got kept awake all last night by idiots rummaging through the neighbourhood recycle bins to get bottles for deposist. ARRRGGGHHHH STOP MAKING NOISE PEEPS!

But I started my new burlesque class last night - think I am gonna love it:)

Fin poses

Bel hates picture taking

Fin loves the mirror

Ah Fin, so vain


Skirt probably too short for work, meh!

Topshop skirt

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  1. your cats are SOOOOOOO beautiful and precious.
    What breed are they?

  2. They are moggies from the shelter:) But a matching set of coruse (sisters we think, although they came from different shelters the RSPCA took them from the same house).