Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12 WBT - Update, Week 5

So I had my weekly weigh in this morning. Stats are as follows:)

Start weight: 71.0 kgs
week 5 Weight: 61.1 kgs
Total loss: 4.9 kgs
Goal weight: 64 kgs

So getting much closer! May even have to rethink that weight as a goal weight - maybe 62 will sit better on me. I definitely have awesome arm muscles now, since I have been concentrating so heavily on upper body.

Still having issues with cardio due to my lower back injury - I am finding anything but the x trainer/bike hard, and even those two sometimes hurt. Oh well, it seems to be working!

Red flag weekend though, going to Melbourne so I will have to watch my food/wine intake.

Onwards and downwards I say!

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