Sunday, March 18, 2012

French kiss

Having had a lovely weekend in Melbourne, it has been a hard slog getting back into the grindstone this morning. Especially after ten hours of driving....

Luckily Fin is on hand to look disapproving....

Her eyes are burning my soul:)

12WBT update: I had a day and a half off and I now feel bloated and horrible. Amazing how sometimes it feels like a couple of days of indulgence takes you right back to the beginning. I was quite proud though - no dessert or chocolate, just 3 glasses of wine and one cocktail on friday, and the same on saturday. Plus a delicious Nepalese dinner, and some lunchtime dumplings.

The bonus is that I am actually now fitting into size 10 dresses! (not pants though - my arse is too big for that yet).

My biceps are improving...

New dress from the Gorman sale - $82. It was bedlam in there with 75% off everything

Also: Siren heels, Samantha Wills ring

French words

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