Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Way down to Kokomo

It's my graduation this afternoon - not an official one because our class finished in Feb, and grads are December here. But we do dinner, and have a mini ceremony.

Gorman dress ($82.50 on sale - loved this ever since I saw it on Domestic Divinity), Zu heels, Asos belt, no name brand cardi

12WBT update: Had to weigh in a day late because of the Sydney trip (couldn't fit scales into my carryon!). Lost another 400grams, taking me down to 65.7 - 1.7 kilos to go! I was a bit worried due to my Melbourne weekend with wine and eating out, but I am pleased. Only a few scant weeks til my holiday, so I am on track.
I am finding myself tired a lot, but that is probably due to stress rather than the program.


  1. congrats on the weight loss! Enjoy your grad dinner xx

  2. I love that dress and it was such a bargain! Congratulations on graduating!