Sunday, March 4, 2012


With all that is going at the moment I am feeling a wee bit under the weather - struggling through lack of sleep and nausea, which is making my exercise regime difficult. I really need to relax, but with all that is going on it is hard. Separation + waiting for job news is making my life hell.
So I spent some time taking myself to dodgy movies (One for The Money - where was all the Ranger interaction? Makes me sad!), and taking photos of my kitties as they fought over who was getting to sit in the box of filing (spoiler alert - Fin won).

Fin looks smug

When I am sick I wear casual clothes to work...

Head to toe Zara (accident!) - these jeans are awesome, I have to get myself another pair!

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  1. I don't think I can cope with One for the Money - I was bursting for it to come out but I think, from the ads, Ranger and Morelli are miscast... not sure I can take the disappointment...