Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Electric Blues

I am hoping that those who were evacuated from Central Wagga will get back into their homes and business this afternoon. And my heart goes out to all those in North Wagga and East Wagga who have lost their homes. It still feels like a warzone here - choppers overhead every 5 minutes. The PM is here today...

And of course on a more frivolous note - Ipad announcement this afternoon. I know - I am a total Apple whore.

Still no word about the job - not sure if I should email or not - it's been more than a week. They did call my referees.....

Topshop skirt, Asos blouse, Zara blazer, Kenji flatforms

The skirt material is amazing!

12WBT update...

Down to 66.7! Yay! I was 67.4 when I left for London so I have managed to lose the London weight plus a bit more. On track to be looking svelte in my bikini by the time I get to Langkawi.

1 comment:

  1. Fingers crossed for the people in Wagga - One of my friends from high school lives there now and I can only imagine what everyone is going through!

    I love the colours in your outfit

    as for the job..yes yes yes email them to follow up the last thing you want to appear is un-interested :) Let me know how you go!