Friday, June 10, 2011

Stuck in airport hell

I am currently sitting in the Vancouver airport trying to while away 9 hours of transit time. I have already been on three planes today, so many kinds of over it. I am also not looking forward to trying to get away with having two suitcases on a domestic Qantas flight. Whoops! And explaining to my financial planners my little itty bitty holiday splurges. EEEP!

I managed to waste a whole day in Kentucky too - was in my hotel room throwing up Japanese food. Not my finest hour...oh well. These things happen!

Little Kentucky cow wanted to make friends

Beautiful scenery

The rest of my irresponsible purchases (excluding gifts)
Asics sneakers ($60 bargain)
VS bras x 3, VS knickers x 5, VS leopard cami set, 2 x VS perfumes
Lace skirt
Black and white dress
Nude Steve madden mary jane heels
White flower heels
Too faced smokey eye pallette

I am so on a shopping ban for the next three months

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